Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2013

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The angry Finns of Children Of Bodom were in town and with them they had brought a posse of other angry Finns. First ones to hit the stage were the four guys and a girl of Medeia.

“Evening Copenhagen, we’re glad to see you all came out here so early!”
- Keijo Niinimaa (vocals)

There weren’t a lot of people present inside the hall of Amager Bio when Medeia came on and the ones that were there were rather spread out and laid back in their attitude – this didn’t seem to have an effect on the band however as they stormed onto the stage and started blasting their heavy music at us, a music which some call alternative death metal. I don’t know, this night it sounded like pretty straight-forward deathcore to me, but remember this is a one-listen judgement and a live one at that.
Anyway, it was quickly apparent that the major force that was going to drive this gig wasn’t the music, but rather the highly energetic and powerful performance of the band members. Especially bassist Samuli Kuusinen made a mark with absolutely wild man antics, with guitarist Samuli Pelto who visited the photo-pit to play close to the crowd not once but twice coming in at a close second, but really the whole band was something to take in, always running, jumping or posing their way through the entire set – only keyboardist Laura Dziadulewicz could have benefitted from a little more movement, she was working the headbanging hard but was still hidden away in a shadowy corner of the stage and thus didn’t really make an impression.

The crowd was slowly but steadily filing in during Medeia’s performance, but even though we ended up larger in numbers the band didn’t much more response than they did initially. Medeia received some decent applause between songs, but during the songs the laid back attitude prevailed except for a small handful of headbangers in the front line.
When the time came and the band members gave a short thank you and quickly left the stage as their instruments were still ringing out on the last note some more cheers were raised, but not enough to convince me that anyone was truly sad to see them go.

Shortly prior to the concert I had checked out the videos for Cold Embrace and the two Antichristmas songs just to get a feel for what Medeia was all about and I had almost laughed myself silly – if you have a few minutes to spare you really should check them out!
This had of course left quite a large expectation for the band to live up to, but for some reason, when they hit the stage all forms of humour was completely gone from the band, and to be honest the music didn’t affect me in any way either. It’s not good when even the powerful performance was enough to keep me interested for more than a songs length. One Finn down, two more to go, hopefully they would do better...


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