Wacken - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Next band on the menu was Tampa Bay death fiends Massacre, which I went to see without any expectations, thinking it wasn't something for me.
Well, musically I was right about this; I am not and never have been a big death metal fan. But the show was a completely different story all together. From the moment where I recognized the sound of the cover-song Am I Evil by Diamond Head I was hooked by the lively show, which was very well led by singer Kam Lee who seemed to have the time of his life on the Party Stage of Wacken. He knew how use all platforms of the stage, constantly jumping from the main stage, down to the film-crew's platform and further down to the photopit where he could greet the crowd, and then up again.

There were massive Massacre shouts rising from the impressive crowd. I say impressive since Massacre had managed to pull a lot of people to their show, even though they were playing at the same time as the immensely popular Opeth.
It was also nice to see that everyone stuck around for the whole show, even though the rain started to come down hard towards the end. Just another evidence to prove how captivating this show was to all those who wanted to see the reunited death heads.

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