Copenhell - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After our trip down rainbow lane with The Darkness, something truly extreme was needed to bring balance to the metal, and what better band for the job than Marduk?

In all honesty, we knew from the beginning that our time together was limited, as Marduk was playing the small Pandæmonium stage, which was partly overlapping with the Hades stage where Bloodbath would play in a short while.
Marduk moved us in the right direction though. Not geographically, even though both bands are primarily Swedish, but rather in atmosphere. Sure enough, Marduk is a hell of a lot more extreme than Bloodbath, and possibly everyone else for that matter, but we’re in the same ball park.

Anyway, for what little we managed to see of them, Marduk played to their strengths, and delivered a heavy and relentless onslaught of black metal. The day was growing darker by the minute, and this only helped push the feeling of evil.
The small ground stretching out from the stage was well-filled, and Marduk was welcomed by Copenhell goers with raised horns and gruesome shouts.

This was no more than a glimpse for us, but a truly disturbing (in the best of ways) glimpse that helped move us in the right direction for what was coming next.

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