Pumpehuset, Copenhagen - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After having been positively surprised by M.A.N after seeing them in Malmö just under a week before, I felt more pepped up for this show, and was looking forward to getting a thorough metal injection inserted in my system.

As M.A.N entered the stage, it came as quite a surprise to me as I didn’t recognize the vocalist at all. I know my knowledge of M.A.N is very limited, and so I tried to reason with my mind that maybe he had had a haircut and a shave since the last show, and maybe his stage garments were in the laundry or something, but something still wasn’t right…
Finally, about halfway through the set an explanation was offered as we were told Tony ‘JJ’ Jelencovich had gone off to Russia to tour with his one of his other bands Icon In Me, and that M.A.N for the time being played with a stand-in called Sebastian (I've been told).
Sebastian was certainly different in character, but he was also a good performer and worked well with the rest of the band. I personally liked him, but I did hear a few voices of disappointment from people who were looking forward to seeing Jelencovich.
Another difference in vocals, not so apparent maybe, was that at this show we were not treated to a guest performance from Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory. I can’t really see why though; sure M.A.N had shortened their set a little, but they had not removed My Own Sickness which was the song he would/should have participated in.

Pumpehuset was far from filled even though the concert had been moved one hour later than originally posted, but the crowd was still much, much larger than it had been in Malmö, and livelier to boot!
Sure, the largest mass of people were more or less quietly taking the band in from the middle and back of the hall, but some dedicated fans were banging up at the fence, and a small but violent mosh also formed quickly in time with the music.

M.A.N treated us to another kick-ass show, but for some reason it didn’t click on the same level for me as it had done at their previous concert. Several possible reasons can be found; the sound wasn’t quite as crisp in Pumpehuset’s larger hall, they were missing their original vocalist and the stage-size and photopit made the distance between band and audience just a bit larger.
But on the other hand, none of this can take the fact away that M.A.N did what they could to, and in several ways succeeded in, rocking the Copenhagen audience!


Fold And Disgusted
Eyes Bleed, Tears Shed
Last Injection
My Own Sickness
Blood Vanish


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