Magtens Korridorer

For Evigt Rock - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Magtens Korridorer is a band I’ve heard much about, but apart from a single song or so on the radio, I don’t think I’ve actually ever heard their music before. The closest I’ve come are probably the many guest appearances vocalist Johan Olsen have made in Volbeat. Contrary to that band though, where Volbeat have moved away from their death metal roots to give way to a more polished and accessible sound, Magtens Korridorer have stayed closer to their raw punk background. That’s not to say that they aren’t accessible or that they haven’t evolved, because they are, and they have. They still show that old rebellious energy and attitude though, and that worked nicely to their advantage this evening.

“Looking good Rødovre! Can you handle some rock, or, yeah…”
- Johan Olsen (vocals)

That they had the Danish rock fans behind them was also visible, based on the size of the crowd in front of the main stage, as the host of the event was preparing us for the coming rock storm.
And a rock storm is right – Magtens Korridorer came out firing on all cylinders, blowing all earlier competition out of the water! This was delivered from the heart, straight up and undiluted. Olsen was hugging his microphone, as the string benders of the band took turns on the catwalk, living only to deliver one rock-pose after the other. Rock posing in the best possible way, mind you, because this came from a love of playing and performing, there was nothing premeditated about it. I almost didn’t have the capacity to take in the music, as the outstandingly overwhelming performance washed over me. These guys were born to be on a stage, there’s no doubt about it.

“Now, you probably think we’re drinking beer up here, but we’re not, you know. This is, erhm, theatre beer! Cheers!”
- Olsen (vocals)

However, there was music, and it was getting through to us. Straight-forward, no-nonsense rock music with lyrics that bite. Perfect music for an afternoon in the sun with a cold beer in hand. Not necessarily something I’d put on at home, as it’s not exactly the type of thing I go for, but they did it well, and coupled with that outstanding performance I was well entertained, that’s for sure.
I wasn’t the only one either, as I could hear people singing along around me, and seeing them waving their arms in the air. This was the largest crowd I had seen so far this day, and it was clear that most knew the band far better than I did, and liked what they saw. If the music and performance wasn’t enough, Olsen also proved to be both a humble and an entertaining guy between songs. He praised Go Go Berlin to the skies, only to turn right around and promising that his own band had to kill them after the show as they (Go Go Berlin) was the kind of band that puts them (Magtens Korridorer) out of work. Can’t really see it myself, in my opinion Magtens Korridorer delivered a million times better, but hey, it’s nice to see them build others up as well.

So, all in all, a good time was had, and it proved a good first real introduction to a band I’ve heard so much about.


Nordhavn Station
Jeg Vil Hellere Dø
I Kolde Stjerners Lys
Sorte Stråler
I Dybet
Kom Og Mærk
Picnic (På Kastellet)
Milan Allé
Militskvinder (Kliché cover)
A Er På Druk
Giv Mig En Dag

Magtens Korridorer

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