Lyckliga Idioter

Babel, Malmö - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

A young trio from nearby Helsingborg called Lyckliga Idioter (happy idiots) was the first band to warm up for Dia Psalma’s present reunion tour as they hit Babel in Malmö.

“My bandmates hate me right now!”
- Kajsa Wikman (vocals/guitar)

It wasn’t without some difficulty that they delivered their version of classic punk, with a nice dose of sing along friendly choruses and just enough of a hint of melody to keep things alive. But that’s the deal you get as a young DIY based band I suppose, and it’s definitely something we can live with as long as the heart is there. Even though the show was short, some 20 minutes I’d say without actually having kept track, it was easy to see that it was.
Lyckliga Idioter might not have the longest experience, noticeable by a fairly still standing performance for one thing, and the fact that everything stopped when an instrument had to be tuned, instead of using the time to chat up the audience or jamming. They are definitely on the right way though, as they clearly have their material in order, and with that brand new debut album Naiv Och Dum out there on the street and web, they are bound to gain a larger following in time.

That there is still room for improvement was made visible in the reaction from the crowd that had already gathered. There was a respectful one and a half meter distance between the stage and the audience even though there wasn’t security fence or anything, and even though there were applause and spread shouts of encouragement between songs, it wasn’t until the last song of the gig, Hjärntvätt Jehova, which with its higher tempo chorus got things to loosen up a bit, and saw four old school punkers start up a moshpit which had been missed so far during the concert.

Lyckliga Idioter was filled with youthful naïveté and charm, and their music promised of an attitude that has room to evolve further in their live performance. I wasn’t blown away, but it was a nice introduction to our new generation of punk, and it was a good way to open the evening.


Oljud I E
Samhällets Vägg
För Alltid Ung
Hjärntvätt Jehova

Lyckliga Idioter

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