Life Of Agony

Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2019

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Life Of Agony was once again headlining Amager Bio, and after what had been a luke-warm response and attendance for the support bands, I was glad to see that the hall was much better filled now that the main act was about to go on stage. I was ready for awesomeness…

I’ve listened a bit to the newest album, The Sound Of Scars, but haven’t yet given it the time it deserves. As such, I was completely unaware that the band had changed their drummer since their last visit. I was quite surprised to see Veronica Bellino (someone I didn’t know from earlier) walk in and sit down on the stool. Alright, fair enough, let’s see where this is going.
Where it went, was pretty much directly into Scars, after a loud cheer from the crowd for the band walking on, and if my memory doesn’t deceive me, Prelude being played as an intro track. It didn’t take long to see that Bellino was killing it behind the drums, and that she’s probably the best fit for the band I’ve seen so far on a live stage. Admittedly, I have a very soft spot for Sal Abruscato’s skills, but damn it, Bellino was tight, and furthermore, a fantastic performer.
The rest of the band was as we’ve known and loved them straight from the start. Alan Robert and Joey ‘Z’ Zampella were all smiles, and especially Zampella was jumping and walking around a lot. Mina Caputo was lovely, and liked getting straight up in the face of the crowd, often standing on the very edge of the stage, and sometimes even taking a step out onto the security barrier. She was quite talkative between songs as well, sharing little anecdotes, or just chatting with the crowd - she seemed moved, and only a little bit taken aback, by a guy in the crowd yelling his lungs out to her. Oh, he was saying nice enough things, but it was the loudness and intensity that had the biggest impact.

On the other hand, the band was loud and intensity that delivered something of an impact as well! I was straight up headbanging from start to stop, and around me, others were doing the same, only letting up once in a while to sing along to the music. The heat was rising in Amager Bio, and we were having the time of our lives. It wasn’t a sold out show, but I fear to think about how it would have looked with this type of action, had it been sold out. As it turned out, it was the perfect amount of crowdedness, in my humble opinion.
No doubt the band knows exactly how to please a crowd as well, as almost half the setlist was taken from the breakthrough hit album River Runs Red. No surprising choices, but then again, no bad ones either. My Mind Is Dangerous from Soul Searching Sun was a bold choice, but the change of pace in the overall set proved to be just what the doctor ordered. We could all catch our breaths, and get our feelings out for some air, before we were back in the action with My Eyes.
My only regret was in not knowing The Sound Of Scars better than I did - I could recognise songs, but not fully immerse myself in them, which is sad, since some, especially Black Heart has grown on me afterwards. Next time I’ll be better prepared, so let’s just hope it won’t be long before next time arrives.

As usual, Life Of Agony not only lived up to, but surpassed my every expectation. This might just be my favourite live band, and that’s definitely not from lack of stiff competition.


River Runs Red
Bad Seed
Love To Let You Down
Black Heart
Lost At 22
My Mind Is Dangerous
My Eyes
Empty Hole
Method Of Groove
This Time
Other Side Of The River
Through And Through

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