KB18, Copenhagen - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Lesoir, meaning evening as far as I’ve come to understand, is a proggy rock band from the south of the Netherlands, and the reason I know this is that they were the support band of Evergrey as they visited Copenhagen in mid-May, last show of the tour.

As the attentive ones among you gather, I had not heard about this band before this show, and as there was another band I was looking forward to much more, I didn’t spend time getting acquainted with their material beforehand – thus I was completely unaware of what I was getting myself into when seeing them in the small venue of KB18. Unaware, but open to the experience.
This latter part is a good idea if you’re open to the idea of getting to know something new, and Lesoir was, even with their two full-length releases, not only new to me, but also probably to the entire audience of the night. Yup, that’s right, the entire audience of about 15 people that had shown up early so as not only to see the main act of the evening.

“Thanks for showing up, this is the last show of the tour! We’re used to a little bit more people, but it’s fine.”
- Martjee Meessen (vocals/flute/keyboard)

On stage, probably helped along by the live sound, Lesoir seemed quite a bit heavier than the feeling that comes from the latest album, Luctor Et Emergo, but the band kept a nice balance between the heavier, riffy parts, and the more melodic, calmer sections, and throughout they had a nice groove going that kept our heads bobbing calmly as we took in the concert.
When it comes to sound direction, I had a fleeting image of The Gathering pass through my mind early on in the show, a band that Martjee Meessen would later admit to as an inspiration, and later day Anathema has also been played once or twice in the practice room, but apart from that, Lesoir comes off as something of their own entirely. Or maybe I just don’t know the right references…
Meessen, with her full, warm, and embracing voice, was a nice counter balance to the trend of women in rock/metal bands always having to go into dog-whistle territory with high notes, and the short stint on flute and keyboard she offered during the concert added a nice touch of the unexpected to the overall sound.
For the rest of the band, Ingo Dassen punished his guitar in such a way that he broke a string during Walk You Out, yet played the song out as if nothing happened (after which the band spent the break created by him getting a new guitar, thanking everyone who had partaken in the tour). Ingo Jetten had his own little groove-room with his deep bass tones, and Bob van Heumen, well, I never really saw because he was hidden away behind equipment and other band members. By the way, I hope I got all the names right, as information in English about this band is hard to come by, and it seems they’ve had quite a few line-up changes through their short existence.

“Thank you Copenhagen, have fun with Evergrey!”
- Meessen (vocals/flute/keyboard)

What was worse than the possibility of me messing up the credits, was the large amount of people who never got to experience Lesoir here at KB18. Because the band was, indeed, a very pleasant evening companion on our way towards the final act of the night.
Denmark might not have given them a huge response during the concert, but it seemed their merchandise stand was well visited for the rest of the evening, and band members were only too happy to talk to those who came by.
So, I guess the moral of the story is this (what, we’re moralising now? what’s up with that?), remember to be open to new experiences – you never know when you’ll actually stumble across something you like!


Big Talk, Small Thoughts
Feet On The Ground
She’s Lost
(What I) Long For
Going Home
Walk You Out
Thick Skin
Tabula Rasa


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