Last Mile

Pumpehuset, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Yet another act in the Aarhusian invasion, Last Mile featuring prominent Danish metal names such as Jacob Bredahl (Barcode, ex-HateSphere) and Laurits Medom (ex-As We Fight) was set to open for Cavalera Conspiracy in the beautiful surroundings of the Copenhagen concert-hall Pumpehuset.
Playing, as they themselves put it, "Hardcore for the love of hardcore", the stage was set for a full-tempo sonic blast set to attack our eardrums, but even though the band seemed to have shown up with the best of intensions, the audience remained passive, so very passive.
"Can we get this big empty space filled out?" shouted Laurits, referring to the fact that, apart from a few people hanging on the crowd-fence, there was an almost 5 meter wide gap between the stage and the audience. Two guys actually took a few steps forward, but realizing they were the only ones doing so, they quickly fell back in line with the rest of the crowd.
I couldn't understand why, really. Not that Last Mile's music was something to my personal liking but still, the band had so much going for them. They had a good energy going on up on the stage, even though their space was sorely limited, and both lights and sound were working very well in their favour.

So, what went wrong? Who knows? Maybe this just wasn't their night. If forced to put my finger on something, I would like to say that I felt the vocals needed a bit more work. Laurits Medom was a good frontman, but after about half a song you could already tell what the rest of the concert would sound like. A bit more variation would have been nice.

Last Mile

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