L.A. Prostitutes

Tivoli, Copenhagen - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

L.A. Prostitutes is one of those bands which I’ve never listened to before the night of the show, and it is not unlikely that the 20 minutes they had, warming up for Pretty Maids at Tivoli, would prove to be the last I ever heard of them as well.

L.A. Prostitutes is one of those new generation glam/rock n’ roll bands which seem to be a dime a dozen around this neck of the woods nowadays, and as such they were pretty well-fitted for this job, and they had a grassy field of around the ten-thousand or so visitors to play for on this hot late-spring evening…
Guitar brothers Fussy (also vocals) and Morten Korsholm were probably the ones working the hardest to engage the audience and get the party started; Fussy by asking for some screaming and dancing through the mic, and Morten by acting wild and running around on the stage from start to finish.
Sadly, it didn’t do them much good though, and even though some drunken, easily excitable persons here and there responded to the pleas of the band, the large bulk of the crowd was mostly standing around speaking, or only paying the band slight attention whilst concentrating on getting some beers inside before the main act was up.

The show wasn’t bad as such, but even with all the best intentions and efforts of the band, I found it somewhat lacking. I never felt any real connection, and the band seemed to be stressing through their set. Not so surprisingly maybe, considering their short stage time, but I doubt they would have won more ground with me even with a longer set.
So what is my problem with this band then?
Well, firstly they play a style of music which has never ever appealed to me, which of course doesn’t make it easier for them. Secondly, the songs all lacked that great hook or familiar riff which would help set them apart from each other. At this point in time there is a lot of action, but the direction is lacking.

Maybe in time, this relatively young band (so far they’ve only released a demo e.p. called Get Drunk Or Try Dying) will find their momentum, but as I hinted at in the beginning, I’m not holding my breath.

L.A. Prostitutes

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