Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Hammerfall rolled into town with their Built to Tour, and with them were two support bands. First up were their countrymen in the power metal outfit Lancer.
Lancer had a new album of their own out, Mastery, and were only too happy to reach a wider audience, and spread their words of glory and steel.

“Denmark, it’s time to enter the future millennia!”
- Isak Stenvall (vocals)

Lancer was really going for that ‘Eighties NWOBHM / power metal look, sporting mullets, white gym shoes, and spandexy tight pants. The musicians took it rather easy, in the beginning at least, and from where I stood, Sebastian Pedernera (drums) was almost completely hidden by a rack of speakers. You see, the covered up stage props of Hammerfall took up so much space, that the drumkit of the support bands had to be placed at the side of the stage, instead of the usual placing in the middle.
The musicians didn’t have to spread the energy too much though, not as long as Isak Stenvall was around. This guy was absolutely on fire, and possibly speed as well! All that energy could hardly be contained in his body, and even though he was constantly up on the monitors, throwing his fists in the air, or rushing around as well as was possible on the stage, he was still shaking all over, as he tried to get absolutely everything out there for the audience. Whether or not this being the final show of the tour had anything to do with it, I cannot say, but he might have been burning off the last bit of energy in him.

“I learnt a bit of Danish today! Where we say “Ja”, you say “Yeah”. Swedish is a bit more sober, Danish is more barbarian, yeah!”
- Stenvall (vocals)

Little by little, the rest of the band opened up, and posed more and more for the audience.
The audience on their hand, opened up a bit for the band as well. They weren’t full in numbers yet, but when Stenvall called for a shout along during Purple Sky, the crowd was ready to answer. There was also a healthy dose of cheering between songs, as well as a bit of headbanging during them.
There was no doubt though, that the band was the most energetic of the two entities, but they came prepared to up the party with a trick up their sleeve. You see, for the title track from the latest album, Stenvall brought out a golden Medusa head, on very reminiscent of the one on the album cover, which he flung about during the song, holding it by the hair. When he grew tired of it, he impaled it on his microphone stand, which he really wasn’t using anyway – when it was time to remove it however, the hair had got tangled, and Stenvall had to yank hard to free it. A weird exercise from beginning to end, if you ask me.

“We have just one song left tonight, but if you want some more Swedish heavy metal, just buy our album at the merch stand.”
- Stenvall (vocals)

All in all, I can sadly only say that more than anything else, Lancer baffled me. In a musical way, this prepubescent Helloween inspired power metal, was exactly what I expected. In a performance sense, it was like nothing I could have ever imagined. The whole experience was so odd. I didn’t become a fan, but somewhere along the line, I guess I just didn’t understand what was going on either.
Oh, and one last thing – what’s with all the ostriches?!


Dead Rising Towers
Future Millennia
Purple Sky
Behind The Walls
Masters And Crowns


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