Lamb Of God

Wacken - 2013

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The sun was shining on Wacken, and Gods own lamb was fittingly about to enter the Black Stage.
I don’t really know this band except for what is said in the news, and the only other time I had a chance to see them I ended up opting for fun at the biergarten instead.

“How the fuck are you feeling Wacken?!”
- Randy Blythe (vocals)

This was apparently Lamb Of God’s first ever visit to Wacken, and some higher (or possibly lower) deity had seen fit that now that they were here, they should have the whole package included. Thus, as soon as the band hit the stage, dark clouds began to fill the sky and a traditional Wacken downpour didn’t wait long to join the party.
This was of course nothing out of the ordinary for the seasoned Wacken visitor, but apparently the band was used to a fan group of a less hardened ilk and was really impressed that people stuck around despite the weather.
From what I’ve come to understand, the crowd action at Lamb Of God concerts can get rather insane – now, Wacken has many restrictions on what you’re allowed to do due to security, but there was still a pretty good party going on in the middle of the very large audience. Predominantly, I saw raised fists all over the field, but there was some kind of mosh going on as well and a whole lot of crowd surfing was keeping the guards busy. It was pretty wild, but nothing extraordinary considering where we were.

What I’ve also heard about the band is that they, in addition to getting the crowd to go nuts, deliver an insane performance up on the stage as well.
Well, Blythe had his little box with him that he could stand on, but apart from that they apparently weren’t the gimmicky type of band. Instead, they just got down to business and delivered a hard-hitting, no-nonsense metal show. Here headbanging was the predominant feature, but all of the performers were lively enough to keep things looking active as well. Blythe seemed mighty aggressive and the riffs were of the heavier-than-thou variety, Lamb Of God clearly had a diploma from the Pantera school of rocking.
They weren’t altogether interesting though – the things that stuck with me the most was the impressively grey mane of bassist John Campbell and the Corrosion Of Conformity shirt that Blythe was sporting. Oh, and dedicating a song called Now You’ve Got Something To Die For to Lemmy Kilmister who the day before had had to cut Motörhead’s concert short due to ill health seemed to me to be in poor taste, even if the intentions surely were honourable.

To me, Lamb Of God delivered an adequately powerful performance, but in no way did they live up to their reputation. The time spent in the biergarten the last time had been time better spent than this.

Setlist (incomplete):

Walk With Me In Hell
Now You’ve Got Something To Die For

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