Lake Of Tears

LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Scar Of The Sun had done what they could to attract an audience, but even though the numbers had risen by the time the turn came to Lake Of Tears from Sweden, the crowd was still small and didn’t look overly enthusiastic, especially in comparing it to the Hamburg crowd from two days earlier.
Too bad for the band perhaps, but this was much more in line with what I had expected the turn-out to be.

Even so, when bassist Mikael Larsson entered the stage with raised horns to fire the audience up, I figured this band might also impress me more than they had done the last time around, just like Scar Of The Sun.
Then, when the rest of the band came loafing in right behind him, I figured there were a few people who should learn from the aforementioned bass player...
Still, the show was only just beginning, and the visuals didn’t lack anything – the band members completely mismatch of styles still made me smile a little, but the stage and the venue were nicely decorated for the show, and upon a clearer view of their backdrop, I could now see that it wasn’t only sporting a downwards pointing pentagram in a circle (as I had thought in Hamburg), but the circle only made up the middle part of the backdrop, with the letters L and T being inscribed one on each side (you figure out the order), which in a way made more sense, but at the same time I thought that the first idea would have been cool as well...

Still, we’re not here to discuss clothes and art all night, are we? No, I say we should get on with the show!
And in all honesty, blunt as it may be, I think that is exactly what someone should have said to Lake Of Tears as well. With the one exception of Larsson, who was making a memorable effort in getting the crowd going by starting up applause and the like, the members of this could only be described with one word – dull!
Ok, boring could also have done it, and sadly this was exactly what was reflected in the audience. There were a lot more people around now, and thus the stakes of entertainment had also risen tremendously, but as most of the band never got off their asses, there really wasn’t anything for the crowd to respond to, and so they of course didn’t.
Spread applause (mostly due to Larsson’s efforts) and a limited amount of slowly nodding heads was all that greeted my eyes as I let my gaze wander around the hall. Sadly, the only thing that actually improved as the show went on was the amount of people in the hall, but that of course only resulted in more people looking bored... Just as popular as they had been in Hamburg, just as meaningless Lake Of Tears seemed here in Stuttgart, and I can only imagine that it was a benefit for the band that their stage-time wasn’t very long, and that they would soon leave room for Swallow The Sun instead.

Well, as you can imagine, I wasn’t very moved by Lake Of Tears this evening. There really isn’t much more to say, except that I hope for their fans that they played better than this on the few remaining gigs of the tour.


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