Valby Hallen, Copenhagen - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

There were owls perched on the speakers. The vocalist wore an owl headdress. If only he’d borrowed some feathers from The Great Discord, Kvelertak could have really made this show fly.
I do not excuse the pun.

“Copenhagen! (cheering) How the fuck are you doing?! (louder cheering)
- Erlend Hjelvik (vocals)

One thing was certain – Copenhagen was behind Kvelertak all the way. This Norwegian sextet has grown immensely in popularity since their debut back in 2010. Now, opening for Ghost in Valby Hallen, it seemed almost as if the crowd had come as much for their sake, as they had for the main act.
The size of the crowd had grown immensely since the previous support band, and they were a lot more vocal now as well, cheering the band on as much as they could. Heck, now they weren’t just applauding between songs, they were also rocking out and shouting along to the tunes while they were being played! It was good to see that the crowd was alive, I had been worried a bit earlier on.

Kvelertak took the praise in, and transformed it into energy on the stage. Frontman Hjelvik was often seen leaning out over the edge of the stage, one foot on the monitor like a true rockstar. Later on, he brought out a huge flag and waved it around while leading the crowd into shouting “Kvelertak” at the right places in the current song. This was of course the self-titled song Kvelertak, the song that marked the end of their show.
Before we got to that, there was still a bit of show to go through. As mentioned, the band held an overall high level of energy going, and there were some memorable stunts throughout. Like the time one of their guitarists, Maciek Ofstad I believe, threw his guitar high in the air in the middle of a song, caught it on the way down, and immediately continued playing.

The fact that him not playing couldn’t be heard, once again made me wonder why they have chosen to have three guitarists in the band to begin with. This is mostly rock ‘n’ roll after all, there’s not really space nor need for fancy stuff.
And on that note, listening to rock ‘n’ roll with blackish vocals, why not just listen to Satyricon instead? That’s what I felt an urge to do.
No, despite their popularity, Kvelertak has never managed to put anything out there that I’ve found interesting, and this show didn’t change that. For the general crowd, I won’t deny that this was well received, but for me, it was just an unnecessary delay on the way to the main act of the evening. This does not fly with me.


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