House Of Metal - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Krisiun was another first for me. Sure, I have heard about them before, know where they’re from and what they do, but as this is a genre that only holds a minimal interest for me, I have never actually listened to them before. Still, they were here, and so were we, so this was a good a time as ever to make the acquaintance.

“We are called Krisiun. We’re gonna play hard, we’re gonna play fast. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it.”
- Alexandre ‘Alex’ Kolesne Camargo (vocals/bass)

Actually, it can be said as easily as Alex Camargo did in his opening greeting. His two brothers, Moyses Kolesne Camargo (guitar) and Maximiliano ‘Max’ Kolesne Camargo (drums), and he began playing pretty much straight out of the starting blocks, with only a short intro consisting of some acoustic sounds, flute, and a choir singing, leading into the show. And yes, Krisiun was playing hard and fast, just as had been promised. Old school death metal was the game, and Krisiun was the first band of the festival that I heard delivered this sort of thing. Even though it isn’t something I usually get into, it felt liberating in a way. No holds barred brutality. No beating around the bush.
As a contrast to their music, Krisiun didn’t make much noise of themselves in their performance. It was, in fact, rather bare to the bone. Three men on a stage, no fancy build up, no elaborate backdrop, no novelty outfits. And almost zero movement. Alex Camargo was of course tied to the microphone stand a lot of the time, and when he wasn’t growling out the lyrics, he took one or two steps back, to make room for headbanging. Max Kolesne was pretty much hid behind his drumkit, which he pounded furiously, and it was hard not to draw parallels between Moyses Kolesne and, say, Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel. Both men have huge, curly hair, which they let hang down and cover their fronts, as they stand hunched forward, concentrating fully on playing. Both men being equally uninviting to the crowd.

“C’mon Sweden, let me fucking hear you!”
- Alex Camargo (vocals/bass)

Yet, somehow, Krisiun was creating a very pleasant and comfortable atmosphere on the Idun stage. It’s hard to put into words exactly what was done right, heard because it’s hard to figure out what it was they did. Maybe it was the straight-forward attitude, that in a way had been lacking so far in the day. The attitude that said, hey, this is what we do, take it or leave it. It was refreshing.
There weren’t too many festival goers’ around to see it though. The balcony and stands in the back were still closed off, and at the beginning there were only a few people on the floor. More and more filed in, but it never got seriously crowded. What did happen though, was that Krisiun instilled some much-needed energy in the House Of Metal visitors. An impressive moshpit spread across the floor throughout the gig, and those who didn’t partake in that, delivered some very energetic headbanging. True old-school.

“You’ve probably heard this before, but I’m gonna say it anyway. Without you, we are nothing.”
- Alex Camargo (vocals/bass)

Krisiun was yet another band we left before finish, it’s just the way things worked here. I wouldn’t have minded staying on though. The music wasn’t my thing, but I loved the atmosphere they created, one that I almost solely find at old-school death metal concerts.

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