Forbrændingen, Albertslund - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As old-school Danish death-metallers Konkhra had been announced as the main act of the night and had had their faces on the posters everywhere it came as quite a surprise to see them get on stage before Artillery, whom we had thought were the support band.
As a result the old industrial hall of Forbrændingen didn’t have too many visitors as the show began, and the ones that had shown up weren’t really ready to get into the music yet. First you need to get some beers and chat with your friends and all that.

Luckily, frontman Anders Lundemark took it all with a smile on his lips, which was displayed by little comments like; “Take care of each other in the moshpit, we don’t want any injuries”. This was said as the closest man stood about 2 metres from the stage, and nobody was moving...
The lacking crowd support didn’t deter Konkhra from putting on an energy filled show however. Both guitarist Michael Skovbakke and especially bassist Lars Schmidt used the whole stage as they moved around; they were even up posing on the speakers at several times throughout the concert! As a drummer, Mads Lauridsen was naturally tied to one spot, but he still seemed to be very energetic up behind his kit.

And it wasn’t a total lack of appreciation either. People were generally good at shouting and raising their arms between songs; and after a while there even came a few young headbangers to the edge of the stage and showed their appreciation. It just wasn’t the wild untamed madness the music and band deserved in my opinion.
And just to make sure they wouldn’t miss playing any songs (as bands almost always have planned encores), Lundemark said after the “last” song; “We’re finished now, so we’ll get off the stage. Then we hope you’ll call us back, and now that you’ve done that – This is Facelift!”
This song saw Schmidt leave the stage to walk through the audience and stand over by the mixer table as he played. He then made a short pitstop on the stairs to the backstage area and another one out in the audience on his way back to the stage (all the while wildly hammering his bass to the music).

For the last song, The Promise Of Antagonism (which fittingly is also the ending track of their latest album Nothing Is Sacred) Konkhra got a female guest singer to join them on the stage, and this worked out perfectly to round up the concert.
I must admit, I enjoyed myself far more than I had anticipated and was very glad that I had travelled all the way to the suburbs to watch this show.


Time Will Heal
Lions Are Hungry
Hail The King
Religion Is A Whore
Breathe The Fear
Eye Of Horus
Spit Or Swallow
Life Eraser
The Promise Of Antagonism


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