Markthalle, Hamburg - 2018

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Italian progressive metal crew Kingcrow have been in the business for more than 20 years by now, but I must admit I have never heard about them before this evening. This was another one of those shows, where the main act is the one and all reason for showing up, but as we were there, Kingcrow was certainly going to get their time in the review light as well.

“Are you enjoying yourselves, Hamburg? It’s great to be here again!”
- Diego Marchesi (vocals)

During quite a long intro consisting of clean guitar music (why they didn’t play this themselves is unknown), the band took the stage and got ready for the show. There wasn’t overly much space, but enough for the four men in the front to move about a bit, while Thundra Cafolla (brother of guitarist Diego Cafolla?) held down the rhythm section on the drums.
I must admit, Kingcrow was delivering some pretty well-made progressive metal. Their sound was good, their skill was impeccable, and their songwriting was varied. The performance was alright, it seemed like they felt the music, and especially vocalist Marchesi showed a fun and playful side, where he at times messed around with the other musicians.

Kingcrow didn’t have much of an audience to work with though, or let me rephrase that. Kingcrow had a good audience, but there wasn’t many people in it at this time of the evening. Still, quite a lot of appreciative noise was made between songs. I couldn’t really tell if anyone else knew the band from before, but the cheering was loud and genuine.

So what was wrong with this picture?
Well, nothing really. Nothing except that Kingcrow’s music didn’t really hit me on an emotional level. That, in the end, just comes down to taste, I expect, so if you like this kind of music, you’d be cheating yourself by not at least giving them a chance. The ending song of the set, If Only, was an epic in the truest sense, and when new bassist Riccardo Nifosì helped the crowd begin a clap-along, it can only be said that the band deserved it.


Right Before
At The Same Pace
The Moth
Night’s Descending
The Persistence
If Only


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