In The Woods...

Richter, Gladsaxe - 2023

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Like The Foreshadowing before them, In The Woods… was another band this evening we here at Metalmoments hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing before. Contrary to the aforementioned Foreshadowing however, I did know of In The Woods… from before, and have had the pleasure of listening to them on album from time to time. hence it was with great pleasure, we were now waiting to see how they’d handle themselves on a stage.

“Please come real close to the stage. It’s so nice when you stand right next to us sweaty men.”
- Nils Drivdal (bass)

“He’s on Tinder, you know…”
- Bernt Fjellestad (vocals)

There’s no two ways about it, In The Woods… kicked their show off full of energy, humour, and great music. Not only kicked it off, but kept it up that way throughout, all the way from vocalist Fjellestad’s disarming greeting, where he asked if it was alright with everyone if he spoke Danish between songs, imitating the language quite well, and calling himself and the rest of the band “fjeldaber” (eng. mountain monkeys), a common Danish slur for people from Norway, to the harsh, black ending song …In The Woods (Prologue / Moments Of… / Epilogue).

Beyond the edge of the stage, the crowd had definitely grown since the last band, but even so, I doubt Richter was even half filled at this point, which is truly sad. This was a killer line-up, and the venue was certainly worth a visit as well. At this point, I figured everyone was waiting to file in until Saturnus, the only Danish name of the evening, and the headliner to boot, would go on stage, but as it turned out, Saturnus didn’t see a much larger crowd than In The Woods… did, and at the end of their gig, there were even fewer left, than those who cheered the Norwegians on right now. A truly baffling situation.

“Are you doing alright?!”
- Fjellestad (vocals)

- Crowd

“So are we!”
- Drivdal (bass)

“See, that’s the problem with giving the bassist a microphone.”
- Fjellestad (vocals)

Still, the crowd did cheer In The Woods… enthusiastically on, and they were all in on the between songs banter as well, something there was quite a lot of, and it developed the further along we got.
Still, it was the music we were here for, and musically the band delivered in abundance! Personally, and this might be a sin to admit, I prefer the post-reunion stuff, and Fjellestad has an amazing voice. The band delivered in equal parts from the first and the last album however, and also equally divided their set in pre- and post-break up songs, so there was something for everyone. My personal highlights of the show were Empty Streets and A Wonderful Crisis.

In The Woods… delivered a strong performance filled with good music, fun banter, and a present performance - everything you could ask for in a concert. I didn’t know it for sure at the time, but In The Woods… had just delivered the best show of the day.
Ok, I had a sneaking suspicion this would be the case, but still…


HEart Of Ages
We Sinful Converge
The Coward’s Way
Empty Streets
Yearning The Seeds Of A New Dimension
A Wonderful Crisis
299 796 KM/S
…In The Woods (Prologue / Moments Of… / Epilogue)

In The Woods...

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