Pumpehuset, Copenhagen - 2014

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The European Conspiracy Tour saw Immolation headline a night of death and debauchery at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen.
As I mentioned in my Broken Hope review, those guys would be hard to top but considering the overwhelming backing Immolation received from the now very crowded, very warm room, they had the groundwork done already and now it was up to them to bring it home!

“Let me see those fucking hands, be proud to be fucking metal!”
- Ross Dolan (bass/vocals)

Well, the American quartet certainly seemed a lot more positive in person than their music hints towards, which is a good thing, but this was hard to notice at first as my eyes were glued to an abomination of cataclysmic proportions – Bill Taylor, what on Earth made you believe that it was ok to bring a glimmer coloured guitar on stage for this kind of show!? And where were your band-mates in this hour of need? It’s not often that we enforce our god-given right as fashion police at this site, but some things you just can’t close your eyes to and let pass...
Looking past that, I could see a widely smiling Dolan handling the frontman role quite effortlessly, keeping his fans entertained and active as the show progressed, and looking a little further still my eyes were set on a positively grinning Robert Vigna who was giving it all it could take – he was headbanging hard and had all the motors running. The smallness of the stage made it a bit cramped and hid Steve Shalaty from vision most of the time, but this he made up for sonically instead as he pounded away on the skins in the background.

“I remember our first time in Denmark back in 1991, at this very venue. How many of you were here then?”
- Dolan (bass/vocals)

Dolan opted for a less talkative, more down to business approach to handle the gig, but a few words came out along the way, among others a few dedications; Bound To Order went out to Dave Ingram (whom I doubt was present), and Despondent Souls went out to their support bands on the tour, Broken Hope and Sweetest Devilry.
The old fans were, as you can see above, also given a loving wink, and from looking around me I’d say that it mostly an older group of fans that were gathered here tonight. People were strongly appreciating what they were given, but they were mostly doing so in a laid back, relaxed manner. It wasn’t until towards the end of the show, with the above mentioned song keeping the beat, that a mosh pit erupted in the room that had until then only seen some headbanging, beer drinking and a fair enough of shouting.

It never got truly wild though, and while the effort was good, Immolation never managed to get under my skin. They proved yet again that they could easily handle the stage, but Broken Hope walked away the true winner of the nights’ fight.


Kingdom Of Conspiracy
Majesty And Decay
What They Bring
A Spectacle Of Lies
Lost Passion
God Complex
Of Martyrs And Men
Bound To Order
A Glorious Epoch
Hate’s Plague
Despondent Souls
Nailed To Gold
Challenge The Storm


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