Karmøygeddon - 2012

Text: Sean Pickering Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The band in charge of ending this festival and achieving the remaining survivors is the death metal band Hypocrisy.

After a 30 minute wait, Hypocrisy arrives on stage.
I must say that I am disappointed by the sound for the first time this weekend... The previous bands all had a great sound but for Hypocrisy it was too much, I found the sound too loud making it hard to distinguish everything, it was even hard to recognise some songs at the beginning. It might just have been the place that I was in, but it sure wasn’t good.
It has actually been the same at previous Hypocrisy concerts that I have visited, so it might be normal? Even so, this is not enough to spoil the concert!
As I haven’t seen the band in a while I was looking forward to it a lot, and apart from the sound issue it was a great concert!

They played a best-of setlist and as they had an 80 minute time slot they had time to play a nice headlining set.
Apart from the fact that the sound was pretty bad, the band does offer a great show, every song they play is a hit. Adding to that, the voice of the singer it just awesome and he has some crazy growls.
The Eraser is one of my favourite Hypocrisy songs (and one of my all time favourite songs), so when they announced it I was really looking forward to it. But the live version is slightly adapted; at the beginning they have added an interaction with the public, so the low riff is now complemented by claps from the public, which removes some of the atmosphere of the song in my opinion.

The concert just flies by and the exhaustion accumulated through the day just disappears during the show. That was one great way to waste the rest of the energy that remained, and it worked for me, as soon as the concert ended I went back to the hotel and called it a day.


Fractured Millennium
Valley Of The Damned
Adjusting The Sun
Fire In The Sky
Killing Art
Pleasure Of Molestation / Osculum Obscenum / Penetralia
Apocalypse / The Fourth Dimension
A Coming Race
Weed Out The Weak
The Final Chapter
Roswell 47

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