Brutal Assault - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Hypocrisy, or more likely their record company, can’t be very good planners.
I mean, here’s the band with the longest line for the meet & greet session, and still they had brought any official merchandise. At all.

One thing the long line (and I do mean long!) did promise however, was that the band had several fans at the festival, and that the crowd would most likely be, well, crowded.
And so it came to be that when the Swedish pioneers of melodic death metal took the stage in the old army fortress of Josefov, where Brutal Assault is held, it was to the sound of ecstatic screams from a truly massive amount of people. The band kicked off with the classic track Fractured Millennium, and already here the pressure of the audience was nearing the unbearable!
Still, we stuck with it, and for this we were awarded greatly, in the form of an awesome concert.
For once, both for the festival and for the band, the sound was truly amazing; everything was getting through loud and clear. In addition to this, the setlist was not to be scoffed at even though it didn’t hold many surprises. But then again, sometimes it’s nice just to hear the old classics as well.

If it was because they had seen all of the expectant fans, or if it was because of the delicious and cheap Czech beer I do not know, but it was easy to tell that all of the members of the band were in a great mood for the show, and they gave a lively performance worthy of all the praise the band was getting throughout the show.
One thing there was not much of was talking, Hypocrisy moved quickly from song to song, but I did not get the feeling that this was because they wanted to finish up quickly, but rather that this was the tempo that fit the performance they wanted to give. Still, there was time for some audience participation. Weed Out The Weak got a loud “Hey” chant going, and everyone was glad to scream along to the word “Kill” as an intro to Killing Art. Then we were back to the chanting as Roswell 47 ended a great show on a fantastic day.


Fractured Millennium
Weed Out The Weak
Pleasure Of Molestation
Osculum Obscenum
A Coming Race
Adjusting The Sun
Let The Knife Do The Talking
Killing Art
Fire In The Sky
Roswell 47

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