Brewhouse, Gothenburg - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After having seen the two first shows of Hypocrisy’s long awaited “getting-the-band-on-the-road-again” tour (or Long Time, No Death… tour), we here at Metalmoments thought it would be very interesting to catch up with the band here towards the end of the European leg of the tour.
Would they be tired from the road, or were they just now getting warmed up?

Having the Berlin concert most recently imprinted in my memory, I could hardly see how the show could get much better, but I was willing to try and have an open mind about things. Sadly, the support they had gotten from Scar Symmetry took some of the excitement out of me, and the weird Gothenburg rule about fencing in the bar, so you couldn’t have a drink and get a good view of the band at the same time was quite a downer as well…
Nevertheless, as the crowd had grown considerably since Scar Symmetry had held the stage, and room was getting warmer by the minute, a certain atmosphere did start to fill the place, and when the band finally arrived on the stage a loud cheer left our throats in their honour.

“This is our first headliner tour in Sweden, and it’s about time!”

Thus shouted Peter Tägtgren as he came on stage, and I’m sure there are many, many people who agreed with this statement.
Still, it hadn’t gone without some problems; apparently their bus had burned on the way to Gothenburg, and they had had to take a taxi for the last part of the way. Maybe this was what caused the delay of the gig, but no matter what, they were here now, and ready to kick some ass!
Or actually, I thought the concert felt a bit weak in the first couple of songs; so far the setlist hadn’t changed, but that didn’t surprise or bother me. What bothered me was that the music didn’t really get under my skin, and I had a problem connecting with the band; it felt as though they were just doing things on routine.

As we reached the third song of the night, Fractured Millennium, however something clicked. I wouldn’t say it was a complete 180 turn, but things were definitely starting to go in the right direction.
It could be seen in the audience as well; for the first time tonight a small moshpit was being born in the middle of the crowd, and slowly but steadily it grew throughout the night, only momentarily interrupted by some wild headbanging action and sing-along fun.
My own personal favourite was the Apocalypse / The Fourth Dimension medley, but then again, I have always been of the opinion that it is in the slower songs Hypocrisy show their true strength at building an atmosphere, and also where they set themselves apart from so many other bands of the genre.

There wasn’t as much talking and other stuff going on at this show as we had seen before; the whole thing was kept tight and straight to the point, but this worked very well and kept the energy going.
A nice addition was that both lights and sound worked well (far better than for Scar Symmetry), and this of course helped lift the show. Only in Fire In The Sky a problem occurred, as Tägtgren’s kept going out through about half the song. Luckily, the audience didn’t seem to mind filling in the blanks, and the issue was over before long.

As part of the premise for this visit was to see how the band was holding up against the earlier dates, so a short comparison is order I suppose.
Well, setlist ways there were no news, except for the fact that The Final Chapter and Roswell 47 had switched places in the encore. As I mentioned earlier, the show felt tight cut down to essentials, but if this is the result of road weariness or the fact that they had had some problems getting to the gig I cannot say. No matter what, it didn’t affect the concert as such in a bad way.
The energy of the band and the show didn’t quite reach the same level as the show in Berlin, but I felt it by far exceeded the one in Hamburg.
Seen as a standalone concert, I think that after a slow start it went on to go above and beyond something average; highly enjoyable entertainment!


Valley Of The Damned
Hang Him High
Fractured Millennium
Adjusting The Sun
Pleasure Of Molestation / Osculum Obscenum / Penetralia
Apocalypse / The Fourth Dimension
Killing Art
A Coming Race
Let The Knife Do The Talking
Weed Out The Weak
Fire In The Sky
The Final Chapter
Roswell 47

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