Copenhell - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

It’s been two years since Huldre last visited Copenhell. Now, with a new album in the bag, and with a horde of fans to greet them, Denmark’s premium folk metal band was welcomed back with open arms.
Two years ago, Huldre was our first band of the last day of the festival, and they were rocking the Hades stage. This year, Huldre was again our first band of the last day of the festival, and they were rocking the Hades stage. What can I say, they’re nothing if not traditionalists!

As tradition also has it, the stage was transformed into a lush, green forest. This must take one heck of a lot of work, both in acquiring the material, and also to set up, but it’s also much appreciated, because it looks so darned good and fitting! The only thing I didn’t get, was the tree with bone decorations hanging from it, which was placed just in front of the drumkit. As if it wasn’t hard enough seeing Jacob Lund as it was.
Despite being our first band of the day, Huldre wasn’t opening the stage this year however, and if my memory serves me, their hard work and proven performance quality had earned them a longer set time this year. There were definitely more songs played, and as Nanna Barslev still told tales between songs, I can hardly think differently.
There was surely a good enough reason for telling these tales as well, as most of the crowd had possibly not seen the band live since the release of Tusmørke, the new album. Since most songs for this show were picked from this album, it was a good way of introducing them to the fans, who had until now only heard the tracks on the album. Lyrics are all well and good, which could be heard in the massive sing along sections, but it’s nice to get the story behind them as well.

“Thanks a million, you sing great!”
- Nanna Barslev (vocals)

That the long-awaited sophomore album from this sextet has been well received in the hearts of the fans, was not to be mistaken. There was none of the otherwise usual “I wish they played more of the old material” attitude around, which is often enough heard within metal circles – the new songs were greeted just as heartily as the old ones, and they had in fact some of the strongest sing along parts. Just take Fæstemand, and it’s “for hun var trolovet en ridder” line, which is repeated several times throughout the song. This got a massive response from the crowd, after Barslev asked us to join in.
Apart from signing, Huldre also provided a quite excellent dance party, something not unexpected, but just as welcome nonetheless. Spillemand was of course the pinnacle of this, with Barslev joining in the fray of the audience, as Laura Emilie Beck took point on the stage. Everyone joined in, and the party was complete.

So, was the show delivered completely without hick-up’s then? No, it wasn’t, but the one noticeable mistake was in fact so small and innocent that it only brought a smile to our lips, as the band also could see the fun in it. What it was, was Barslev mistakenly calling out Knoglekvad too early – she in fact tried thrice before nailing it to the right song! By this time, she was laughing as much about it as the rest of us though.
Other than that, I can only say that this was yet another great concert, delivered by a great band, and the day was off to a good start.
If Huldre keep on showing up at Copenhell like this, you won’t hear any complaints from this writer, nor I’m sure, from the many many fans attending the show.

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