Metalcamp - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Hollenthon was the first band we were to see on the second day of Metalcamp.
As luck would have it, they were about fifteen minutes late coming on stage, which meant that the blazing sun had just enough time to get its face hidden away behind a cloud before the Austrian masters of darkness hit the stage.

It was an energetic band which appeared before the mid-size audience, and they went all out with breakneck speed headbanging, after Martin Schirenc (vocals, guitar) apologized for the late arrival.
The audience weren’t quite as quickly into it however, and with the exception of a small but very wild group of people who started a moshpit right away, most of the visitors were pretty calm, and only raised their arms and voices to cheer between songs. The mosh-group was in excellent shape however, and in true festival style they started playing with and throwing around the hay, which had been put out to prevent the grounds from turning into a muddy hell.
The clear hit of the set was Son Of Perdition from their latest album Opus Magnum, which saw almost all in the crowd raise their devil horns in honour.

The performance was tight and well delivered, but it lacked that certain something in my opinion. I missed the more direct in-your-face contact we had had when we saw them at a club last time around.
I did warm more and more up for the show throughout though, and ended up thinking it was quite enjoyable, without it reaching the same heights as last time.

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