Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2014

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Hacktivist, a rap metal quintet from England, was a secretive support for Korn when they visited Copenhagen in early May. The secretive part came from the fact that they had not been properly announced anywhere, and I for one only found out about their existence at the very last minute.

“Has anyone seen or heard Hacktivist before? For those who haven’t, thanks for being here so early!”
- Ben Marvin (vocals)

The band was quick to get on the stage, and yet they had a very large crowd already gathered in front of them, something a positively surprised Ben Marvin made sure to thank us for.
What hit me as one of the first things about the band though, was neither their diligence to take the stage nor their gratitude for having an audience; no, it was the fact that this was an outfit with no less than two vocalists, Marvin and Jermaine ‘J’ Hurley, and yet it was their guitarist, Tim ‘Timfy James’ Beazley, who was the first one to sing. Later on this, with a slight change, would hit me again, now in the way that Hacktivist is an outfit with no less than two vocalists, and yet the only one actually singing in the band was the guitarist.
Also surprising for a band in the nu/rap metal genre, was the usage of instruments usually only seen in more technical outfits – Josh Gurner was happy-slapping a 6-string bass, and what with him moving about I lost count on how many strings there were on Beazley’s guitar, but rest assured there were plenty!

Not so surprising for a band in this particular line of music was their energetic live performance – with the obvious exception of drummer Richard Hawking they were all out and about as it were, jumping and moving all the time. Not much headbanging, but a lot of arms indicating a bouncy move (think hip hop rather than traditional metal). Gurner was in my eyes the most interesting one to follow, but I can’t pinpoint a specific reason for this.
If the band was overly active, the large crowd was definitely less so. A handful of people in the front were playing along with the band, but upon looking around me, I almost only saw heads gently bobbing along to an approximate rhythm – fair enough, Hacktivist is an extremely young band, and I don’t know how well exposed they are in this country, if at all.

I am sad to say that regardless of how badly the band wanted it to work, and they did seem plenty interested in this, it just simply didn’t. For me, the reason was that the whole thing simply didn’t hold a single point of interest worth investigating further, and even as I’m writing this my recollection of the band is fading fast.


False Idols
Unlike Us
Niggas In Paris (Jay-Z & Kanye West cover)
No Way Back


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