The Rock, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The first band to enter the stage for the Ragnarök Aaskereia tour (which I believe had its opening night here at The Rock) was Gwydion, a folk / black metal act hailing from Portugal which has just recently released their debut album, Ynys Mön.

I would, at times, describe their compelling music as the evil twin of Korpiklaani. Mind you, I've only heard them this one time.
They lacked the usual setup with old-time instruments, but their keyboard player, Dani, filled the void of these on his instrument pretty well. He and the rest of the band were giving us a good warm-up show, although there could have been a bit more life on stage.
Still, the crowd was already at this point really going at it on the floor, and there were also already a lot of people gathered. I have seldom, or maybe even never, seen such energy coming from the crowd here at The Rock for a warm-up act, and that impressed me very much.

Sadly the show was over almost before it started; since there had been a long line outside, we didn't get in until Gwydion was playing their second to last song of the evening. I could definitely have wished to see a bit more of them, as they for that short period of time came off as very competent, especially considering their short professional life. Although, since they started out in 1995, it's not surprising they seemed to have some experience to work with.


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