Grim Lieberkind

Stars, Vordingborg - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

We had just come from a great Bullet show the other day, and now it was time again.
Just as in Malmö, it was more or less local acts which stood for the support here in Vordingborg, and the first one of these was Grim Lieberkind.

For those of you who does not know it (and here I’m taking a wild guess that that pretty much includes all of you our dear readers), Grim Lieberkind is a band of five 30-something (another guess there) men who play some kind of noise-rock on a demo-band level.
Maybe not what one would have expected from a Bullet warm-up, but hey, it’s never too late to try something new right?
Well, to be honest, not a whole lot of people had shown up yet, and the ones who had were almost all hanging out in the bar. As Stars turned out to be a pretty big place, the almost empty floor might have seemed a bit intimidating, but singer/guitarist Mads Porse manned up and made a few attempts at getting some crowd-participation none the less. His started claps met only with mild interest though, and for the most part the band concentrated on getting its music out there.

The music, and this can come as no surprise, was far kinder than what we usually have to work with here at Metalmoments, but that wasn’t really the problem here. Neither was the technicality of the players an issue, they all seemed like competent musicians, and they were certainly capable of pulling of a tight and well-played gig.
No, the real problem here was personality, and I don’t mean that the band had a bad personality or anything, but rather that the songs lacked any kind of the stuff. It all went buy sort of like background music to me, and I could easily see this being played at some bar with people enjoying a game of dart or pool, or just hanging out at the bar, chit-chatting. Which was exactly what was going on here, minus the pool and dart of course. Only Reptiles off of their 2009 EP Sharks (do I detect an animal theme album coming up?), with its deep drum driven intro stuck out for me, and was likewise the only song I could remember by name after the show was done.
And to be completely honest here, except for Porse and drummer Sune Kyneb, the band could really do with some soul-searching to reach inside and pull out some of that inner rockstar attitude that I hope and believe they possess.

Given time to work on some more material, and finding their own personal niche, I suppose this band could get a place in the genre they have chosen for themselves (although bassist Morten Levinsen’s Type O Negative shirt had me thrown for a bit…), although as mentioned before, a bit too nice for my personal taste.


To The Edge
Half Machine
Pavement In Motion
8 Ways
Steady Hand

Grim Lieberkind

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