Stengade 30, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Opening up for this night of drunken frivolity were Dutch trashy rockers Greyline, or as they themselves describe their music;"a splendid mix between creative, beautiful melodies and brutal darkness".
This was the first I've heard of them, and I think it was ok. It's not my type of music, so it's not something I'll get overly excited about, but they definitely did a good job of it.
Greyline gave us a very lively show, especially so their lead singer Jabba who was really going all out. Literally, he was running around in the audience at one point, stirring up an atmosphere. Also sticking out was their wheelchair bound guitarist, Job Tichelman, who struck me as the most technically advanced musician in the group.

There weren't many who had arrived to see Greyline in action, Stengade 30 was about half full I'd say, and they all seemed to be a bit reserved at a start. The band managed to loosen them up some during the show, and Jabba even managed to get some synchronous applauds going for Knives & Smiles.
We were treated to an unusual set, Greyline only played songs off of their latest release, Nomads On The Run.


Flooding The Mountains
Ravens Ahead
'Till Death Do Us Start
Diamonds In Our Dreams
Knives & Smiles


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