Green Lung

Copenhell - 2023

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

My history with Green Lung can be told relatively briefly:
Wednesday - see a back patch “hmm, that looks cool”.
Thursday - Being informed they also sound cool, and shoving them in my programme for the day.

“Copenhell, are you with us? I wanna see your fists in the air!”
- Tom ‘Templar’ Killingbeck (vocals)

Green Lung is an English band from 2017. Musically, they live much closer to the early 1970’s however, and you wouldn’t be amiss in thinking there’s a bit of Black Sabbath mixed into this witch’s kettle. Personally, I got a bit of Cathedral vibes as well, both musically and in the performance, but I guess they draw from the same source, so why not?
I immediately liked the black and green backdrop decorating the Gehenna stage with a dance of witches, demons, and all sorts of wicked creatures. You can see it on the cover of the Woodland Rites album. Very folk horrory, very nice.
The show then kicked off with an intro sounding like some odd horn music, as the musicians took their places. As this was a brand new acquaintance for me, I fear I can’t give you any song titles, but I can tell you the band was rocking out. Tom Templar, the designated frontman, walked around the stage as well as he could fit on it, connecting well with the crowd, but it was actually John Wright who struck me as the wildest of the bunch, especially when he left the organ for a while and went to town on his tambourine.

Sadly, Green Lung was squeezed in between Møl and Pantera, overlapping with at least one of them, so our time together was destined to be short.
For that time however, Green Lung impressed with their command of the stage and the impressively large crowd. People followed Templar’s command when he gave it, and when he didn’t, they spent their time grooving along to the very groovy music, and I was intrigued to see that even for something as relatively low key as this, there were still people willing to crowdsurf. Not exactly an activity I would have tied together with this style of music, but there you are.

All in all, I felt Green Lung lived up to everything I had managed to expect of them, from those short hours since I first heard about the band. The Gehenna stage, especially with the wooded surroundings, was the perfect place for them to play as well.
Certainly something worth looking more into, and since this was apparently their second time in Denmark, they know how to come back.

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