Wacken - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Gorgoroth was possibly the most evil band ever to set foot at the Wacken Open Air festival. Or so they would have you believe.
Rumours had been spreading throughout the day about what horrors awaited us as the last band of the day would take the stage. And, true to their word, the first thing to meet our eyes when the curtains dropped were four naked people hanging on crucifixes behind wooden fences filled with stripped lambs heads and barb wire.

Considering how late it was, and how many I had seen leave after the Avantasia show, I was surprised to see how big an audience Gorgoroth had still gathered before them. Here I do believe that the shock-value of the show played a larger part than any actual qualities of the band.

I must say that, even though the band moved around a lot on stage, I was sorely disappointed in the show part of the concert. Because that was all they ever did, walk around. Honestly, here we have a band which has been the centre of so many discussions about whether or not they should even be allowed to play here since they are considered to be such a wicked bunch. I had been expecting something more theatrical and bloody, maybe even evil. But there was nothing, nothing at all. Why have four people stripped and crucified if you're not intending on doing something to them?
In addition to this, Gaahl proved to have big difficulties coping with the clean parts of the singing. The more grim vocals I can't really comment on, since I haven't really listened to Gorgoroth before the concert.

So, what's left to say but; Next time, try and live up to the standards of evil you yourself claim to cling to. It might prove more entertaining to watch than this...

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