The Darkest Tour, Vega, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

I wonder if J.R.R. Tolkien would approve of this (mis)use of his name. Somehow I doubt it...
(note: this article is about the gaahl / king ov hell version of the band; Metalmoments takes no sides and will not take part in the ongoing discussion about who holds the rights to the name)

Once again the most prominent decor of the Gorgoroth stage was the four naked persons crucified in the back, same as had been the centre of much debate at this years' Wacken Open Air.
And this was the single thing to get the most attention of their entire concert; never have I seen as many digital cameras raised and shot at once as when the extras came on stage and climbed their crosses. Even though all the lights were out, the hall was bright as the sun from all the camera flashes.

Another thing that was reminiscent of the Wacken concert was the utter lack of interest the band seemed to have in performing. I accept they might just try and look very evil, but honestly, it almost made me fall asleep.
The only one who even seemed to be a bit outside the general comatose state his band-mates where in was their bassist King Ov Hell (Tom Cato Visnes). Actually, he seemed pretty enthusiastic this evening as he quickly walked back and forth across the stage, stopping every once in a while to headbang with the audience in front of him.

So what about the audience?
Well, I for one was bored out of my mind, as had been the case last time I saw them as well.
On the other hand, I did see a few devil horns raised here and there, although the general activity was way below what I had witnessed to Moonspell, who had played just before them.
The fact that their sound was the worst of the evening did nothing to help Gorgoroth on their way either, so all in all this was just transportation time for me, going from Moonspell to Cradle Of Filth who was to end the night.


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