The Rock, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

It is tempting to just make a copy/paste from my review of their Aarhus show from the day before, as the two shows were very much alike in many ways, having an identical setlist among other things.
This time around Gorefest was supported by another local band, Psy:code. Since we were busy doing other stuff during their show, like getting good and drunk, the music didn't really catch our interests. Sorry. We were also trying to locate the merchandise stand, as we had had no money to spend the day before. This actually first came up at a last minute, and for a short while it looked like Boudewijn was going to be playing the role of salesman. And not very well either, refusing to sell us anything, just saying that we should wait for someone else to show up, since they had misplaced their last vendor in Aarhus. Anyway, on to the show.

One of the first things to hit me was the very stripped down drumkit Ed Warby was set to play. It is truly amazing how he, and other drummers of course, can effectively modify their playing to suit different set-ups.
The crowd had been very small for the support band, but had grown some before Gorefest took the stage, and I would estimate The Rock to have been about half full, maybe a bit more. The crowd was very enthusiastic though, more so than the one in Aarhus if you ask me, so I hope this weighed it up a bit in the eyes of the band. Again, the performance was very energetic, and we were treated to yet another kick ass show from Holland's finest. They seemed to be a little bit tired from yesterday, but still delivered more than many other bands would have done. In my opinion, this round went to Boudewijn Bonebakker for his very intense empathy in his solos.

A second, and very drunk, opinion said that it was a great show, but Gorefest would definitely need some help creating their setlists. For example, there were many shouts for Exorcism, a song which I had also hoped to hear. It should be about time too, they didn't play it last time they visited The Rock either, on their La Muerte tour. Oh well, another time then. Another request for the next time, not so much smoke please. You were just barely visible at times...


For The Masses
Mental Misery
Get - A - Life
Rise To Ruin
You Could Make Me Kill
State Of Mind
Babylon's Whores
The War On Stupidity
Reality - As You Die
Speak When Spoken To
The Glorious Dead

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