Go Go Berlin

Gjethuset, Frederiksværk - 2016

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Go Go Berlin was once more playing support to D-A-D, and you know we have to catch D-A-D every chance we get. Sometimes, that means seeing some other band as well in the process, and that’s a fair trade-off.
However, considering our last (and first) encounter with Go Go Berlin, you will excuse me if I wasn’t exactly overwhelmed by enthusiasm with the outlook of having to see this particular band do the honour again.
But, there you go. And so did we.

“Good evening everybody!”
- Christian Vium (vocals/guitar)

Arriving at the outdoors stage put up by the good people at Gjethuset, it seemed like we weren’t the only ones mostly interested in the main event of the evening however. In fact, I would estimate the yard to be somewhere between half and two thirds filled with people. People standing still, minding their beers.
When the band came on, they got a few, spread cheers in recognition, but there was no real enthusiasm behind it.
Well, the band began anyway, playing their take on rock, looking only slightly less dressed up than last time. Mikkel Dyrehave (guitar) had some sort of Pete Townshend thing going on, with his white flight suit, and Christoffer Østergaard (drums) had dug out a very ‘Eighties looking jacket, but other than that, the band looked fairly normal. Fairly.
Anyway, they began playing, and that pulled a bit more cheers out of the crowd, and Christian Vium even managed to instigate a joint applause section in the middle of the first song. Still, the big response was kept from them.
Now, I’m not saying this was necessarily the bands fault. Sure, their retro styled rock still feels pretentious and boring to me, but I know they do have a big following around Denmark, and at least the band didn’t come off as arrogant this time around, like they had the last time we saw them. Instead, they mostly just played their music, and seemed to have a pleasant enough time doing just that. Vium didn’t spend too much time talking, but what little he did say, garnered an appropriate response, and the song were cheered as well. Vium spent quite a bit of time strutting about the catwalk, and even though he was the only one to go out there, the rest of the band was swinging along to its own tunes as well.

“Are you looking forward to D-A-D? (yeah) Or are you in good company right now? (Yeah!)
- Vium (vocals/guitar)

Slowly, very slowly, the size of the crowd grew throughout the hour Go Go Berlin had to play in however, and towards the end, the crowd was getting warmed up as well, cheering and clapping louder than before, and being more awake when Vium called out for interactions.
I attribute this to Go Go Berlin’s resolve in making this as good a show as possible, no matter how they were received. It seemed that, no matter how many or how few were cheering them on, they were still going to deliver something entertaining. Thus Vium, mostly, tried several times to get the crowd in on the fun, either by shouting along, waving their hands, or simply raising a glass of beer in respect. And as I mentioned above, it paid off. It wasn’t a wild crowd, not by a long run, but it was a crowd that came out of Go Go Berlin’s show more ready to rock than they had been before.
The beer might have helped, but Go Go Berlin still did their job.

Now, I’m not going to pretend to like their music any more than I did going in, our tastes simply go in different directions, but I will give Go Go Berlin that they took me by a positive surprise. They weren’t excellent, but they were a whole darn lot better than I had feared. Hats off for that.


Kill Me First
Electric Lives
Gimme Your
Maybe Tomorrow
All Mine
Castles Made Of Sand
Raise Your Head

Go Go Berlin

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