Ghost Brigade

The Rock, Copenhagen - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

A very dynamic duo in the form of Paradise Lost and Samael visited Copenhagen and The Rock one cold autumn night, and as a special support Finnish band Ghost Brigade was invited to kick the night off.
This was something we had to wait a bit for as it turned out, as they started their soundcheck only after people begun to enter the concert hall, and they spent some 30+ minutes in doing this.

When they were finally ready to play a lot of people had had time to gather in the room, but apart from a small enthusiastic line in the front, the depression inducing, yet heavy and powerful at times, music didn’t manage to get peoples blood boiling from the looks of it.
Neither did it catch any particular interest from my side. The music was ok, and the band followed the mood of the music with their expression; well, all apart from their singer Manne Ikonen. Not that his vocals were bad in any way, in fact they fit the mood and music quite well, but the man was just so dull in his expression it actually hurt the overall feeling for the show.
This resulted in the one instrumental song being played ending up being my favourite part of the show; but that was a very good part, so no shame in that.

Even though the initial feeling wasn’t all that overwhelming, the atmosphere built by the music and musicians made me warm up to the Finns after a while, and in the end it turned out to be quite enjoyable even though it didn’t rock my world.

Ghost Brigade

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