Gamla Pengar

Babel, Malmö - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Gamla Pengar from Göteborg, out with their debut full-length album Här Kommer Kriget last year, provided the second support gig for Dia Psalma at Babel in Malmö.

“Yo, what’s up motherfuckers! We’re having problems as usual…”
- Mikey Lennartsson (vocals/guitar)

Gamla Pengar was a strange and slightly confusing outfit, which certainly hadn’t nailed down a particular style they were going for. Having a Jack Black look-a-like on drums, Andreas Litfeldt, was fun, a bit more unsettling was the Deliverance hillbilly frontman Mikey Lennartsson, and then there was the late ‘Seventies track runner Johan Meiton on additional guitars and vocals, finally completing the madness with generic metal fan Jörgen Bergman on bass and backing vocals. As you can see, it was hard to figure out just where this was going…

Where the looks was heading off in every direction possible, the music turned out to be much more streamlined for Gamla Pengar. We’re talking noisy, old-timey punkrock from start to finish. Almost no more than one tempo through the entire show. No nasty surprises in the form of melody or breaks. Wicked tongues would maybe suggest that it all sounded like one long song. But not us. It was, however, singularly uneventful I’m sad to say. There was one song, or part of at least, I remember sticking out a little bit in a positive way, the sing-along friendly chorus of Ideal.

“Has anyone had enough to drink today?”
- Lennartsson (vocals/guitar)

Although the crowd had grown some in size since the Lyckliga Idioter gig earlier, the response hadn’t followed with it. Gamla Pengar also had to do mainly with some cheers and applause between songs, and even though Lennartsson tried to call out for some more action, no more action seemed to be found. Fairs fair, in my mind the band could do with some more action themselves, maybe then the audience would follow the lead? Sure, Meiton and Bergman were pretty fired up and threw poses left and right, but the overall feeling wasn’t as intense as one would have hoped.

Gamla Pengar didn’t manage to convince me of their qualities at this gig, and remains the least interesting section of the evening. It wasn’t so much the diverse looks that did it, but rather the generic music and the, in places, lacking deliverance. Let’s hope this is improved upon in the future.


Sälj Din Själ
Snacket Går
Svarta Tankar, Svartnat Hat
Känner Du Mörkret?
Här Är Ditt Liv
Ett Hav Av Gas
Mitt Liv Är Över
Du Är Lurad

Gamla Pengar

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