The Rock, Copenhagen - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Classical music filled the room, and when the curtain was pulled to the side Forcentury was already on stage, ready to start beating our eardrums with Son Of Poseidon...

Earlier in the evening we had heard also Danish act Black Succubi quite successfully warm the small crowd (which by this time had grown considerably), and now it was time for the main act to show what they were made of. I’m pretty sure the whole room was rooting for; after all, the band had created one of the longest open guest-lists ever, and everyone on it came in for free. Not a bad start to get people on your side.
However, the music and performance were well equipped to stand on their own two feet as well as the night would prove.
The band was posing left and right (in a good sense), guitarist Marc Masters looked like he had been working out a lot since the last time we saw the band (yes, apparently bribes work here at Metalmoments), and frontman Johnn Thunder had a nice and tight grip on the audience. At several time he could be seen at the edge of the stage, shaking hands with the headbanging frontline, or offering up witty comments like; ”Let me introduce the band, alright. This is the band.”
For those who did not feel that the band and its music was quite enough (don’t know who that might’ve been), Forcentury had also invited a guest on stage for one song. The guest was none other than Oliver Weers, a shooting star of the Danish melodic rock/metal community [ed. note: a review of his music can be found elsewhere at this site], and the song was nothing less than a cover of the mighty Dio himself, namely Stand Up And Shout. For my part, I thought this particular contribution to the set was good on its own, but felt very out of place when you look at the concert as a whole…

The performance as a whole was a bit more laid back and easy compared to what I have seen this band do at earlier gigs, not that this meant that they were lazy in any way, there was a lot of life on stage, and they were good at sending their energy across the edge of the stage and into the room as well, as I’ve already mentioned earlier on.
The only serious problem with the show ended up being a technical one; during the song Bannockburn, Thunder was to switch from his usual mic to a cordless one for some reason, and they both ended up malfunctioning on him, so for a while the show turned involuntarily instrumental. Halfway through the song or so, the problem was fixed however, and the rest of the show passed without any more hiccups.
When done, the band got together and made a proper bow and thanks before leaving the stage, a bit surprisingly I thought, as I had seen on their setlist that there was one more song left to play. They did return shortly though to perform this one as well. Not that there is anything unusual with one or two planned encore songs, but I believe this is the first time I’ve seen such an elaborate farewell before they were played.

Bottom line is, this was a very solid performance and enjoyable evening, which did not challenge us in the audience in any particular way, but left us smiling and satisfied none the less.


Son Of Poseidon
Rise Of The Machines
Through The Eyes Of Thunder
Changing Dreams
Stand Up And Shout (Dio cover)
Prima Nocte
Love And Honour
The Abyss
Land Of Mirrors

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