Flush The Fashion

Halmtorvet 9, Copenhagen - 2018

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The cozy little venue on Halmtorvet in Copenhagen, has not so long ago changed owner and name. Now there’s a true rock ‘n’ roller at the helm, so of course we’d get a sweet rock ‘n’ roll gem for our first visit.

“Come closer my friends! You didn’t pay for the back seats!”
- Magnus Möller (vocals)

Now, you might think we were talking about the headliner of the evening here, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that. That’s what we thought, when we saw the billing. Well, shame on us, and shame on you, as it turned out. You see, the support band for the evening, Flush The Fashion (I’m going to assume it was stolen from the Alice Cooper album of the same name), a band completely new to both of us, turned out to be one hell of a rock ‘n’ roll treat as well!
It also turned out not to be so new to us that we had initially thought. Not when seeing who was in it. As guitarist, and founder of the band, we found none other than Dennis Post, a clear and shining star of the local rock environment here in Denmark, and Copenhagen in particular. We last saw him with SuperCharger, whom we reviewed last year at the For Evigt Rock event in Rødovre.
By his side was Swedish vocalist Magnus Möller, whom has previously played with Post in StarRats and White Trash Presidents, so they obviously have a long and productive history together. Further along the stage, we saw bassist Bjarne Paamand Olsen on bass (but oddly enough not on the band’s Facebook page), and finally guitarist Rune Buck (also in Hatebanger and Keema). While these last two were new to us at least, Flush The Fashion’s drummer was not - it was Niels Alex Larsen, guitarist of Statement, whom we reviewed last year at the Nordic Noise Rock Festival, the creator of which now owns and runs Halmtorvet 9. It all coming together!

“Fuck vocalists! Here’s a track entirely without a vocalist!”
- Dennis Post (guitar)

What was also coming together, was the hellraising show of Flush The Fashion.
From the moment the band started out with opener Burn It Down, the pedal was solidly pushed to the metal, in more ways than one if you get my meaning.
The performance was wild, entertaining, and relentless. Post surely has some incredible skills on the guitar, only rivalled by his skills in performing, an art the rest of the gang surely were no novices at either. Not all were as in-your-face show-off’ey, but they all contributed nicely to the overall attitude of the band. And above all else, they seemed to have a lot of fun together - even though Flush The Fashion as a band only got together last year, the long-term relationships between its members shone through clearly, as they taunted each other, messed around (without messing up, mind you), and changed positions throughout the show. Yep, that happened as well! Nearing the end of the instrumental track, in which Möller had joined the crowd and filmed the show with his cellphone, Möller took over on drums, giving Larsen a chance to take over Buck’s guitar and deal out another blistering solo, as Buck took over for Möller in the crowd.
Later, in Crackhead Yeti, Möller and Post would also change places with each other, proving both that the vocalist had some guitar chops, and that Post could entertain behind the mic as well. I prefer both in their original spots though.

“Hooray for Canada! Hooray for crack! Hooray for the despicable snowman!”
- Post (guitar)

With friends present from the local scene, you knew Flush The Fashion would be well received. There weren’t as many people as I had expected, quite a few less actually, but those who were there were ready and willing to raise hell together with the band. Whether they all knew each other from earlier or not, I can’t say, but I’m guessing the band walked out with more fans than they came in. Given that this was a show very early in their career, and that their debut album has only hit the streets this very year, it was kind of the band to include a cover, well half a one at least, for the sake of recognisability. That the choice fell on Megadeth’s Sweating Bullets however, was more than a little surprising! Still, the band managed to pair it with their own Midnight Drunk At Noon quite seamlessly I must say.

I can’t say that Flush The Fashion plays the type of music I listen to the most, but damn, that performance blew me away! I had a great time in these guys company, and know where to turn if I need a night of uncompromising rock ‘n’ roll fun.


Burn It Down
Medicated Freakshow
Backstage Pass
Flash The Fusion
Crackhead Yeti
Preacherman's Door
Sweating Bullets / Midnight Drunk At Noon

Flush The Fashion

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