Metalcamp - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

It was wonderful to see that the rain stopped just in time for Extrema’s appearance on the Main Stage, but it also meant that there were no more than a handful of people gathered before the show.
I on the other hand was looking forward to this, as I had nothing but fond memories of their visit to Copenhagen the year before (first and only time so far I had seen them).

Luckily the poor turnout, and the calmness of those standing there, didn’t seem to faze the band in the least, as they brought their special brand of well-played thrash to Metalcamp.
Their good mood even spread to the audience, and throughout the show there came more people wandering in (it never got big though), and the response grew as well as the crowd started shouting along and headbanging.
Leadsinger GL Perotti did a good job of waking the audience as well, commenting; “We’re Extrema from Italy; you know, just in the neighbourhood.” After this a loud chanting of the word Italy began; which at first brought a smile to his lips. After a while though, he retorted; “Ok, that’s enough.”
At the end of the lively show, there were also loud chants of Extrema; this seemed to come as a very welcome surprise to the band, as they were about to leave.

Even though this was far from one of the highly advertised acts of the festival (playing second on the last day), it was still one of the shows which I remember the best as there was such a fantastic atmosphere on the stage. To me, it was clear that the bandmembers enjoyed themselves, even though they lacked a satisfactory audience. Hopefully people read this and won’t be turned away by a poor weather forecast another time...

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