Karmøygeddon - 2012

Text: Sean Pickering Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The next band we see on the final day of the festival is Evile, from England!

They are happy to be here today, it actually looks like they are always happy when they play, as if they created a band just as an excuse to play gigs and have fun, but in the process they created some awesome music and it started working out quite good for them!

Evile has quite a few hits in its register; the first one that goes down quite well is Cult, a track from the latest album Five Serpent’s Teeth, which gets the audience involved.
Descent into Madness is also a great track to get the crowd angry and into the pit, the end of the song is rapid and has a syncope rhythm at the end. It sounds quite strange but works quite well.

Even with this the public does not seem to react much to the band. There also seemed to be a bit fewer people than for the two previous concerts, strangely.
The last song, Infected Nations, is also a fast one, a nice final touch to wake everyone up before the next band.

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