KB18, Copenhagen - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Evergrey was finishing their Hymns For The Broken tour in the small Copenhagen club KB18, and on the tour they had Zonaria and Lesoir with them.
Zonaria was, I’ll admit, the biggest reason we wanted to see this show, as Evergrey has never managed to fully grab me in the past, and Lesoir was completely unknown to both of us. Imagine then the disappointment of sitting sipping a beer at the hall, waiting for the show to commence, and hearing from the merch-guy that Zonaria wasn’t going to play after all… Well, so much for that evening, right?

“Good evening Copenhagen, are you with us?!”
- Tom Englund (vocals/guitar)

When it was finally time for Evergrey to take the stage, the number of attending audience had doubled since Lesoir’s gig, maybe even more. Yes, now, we were between 30-40 people looking at a band who is certainly also used to crowd’s just a little bit bigger than this.
Not that this would become a hindrance for the band luckily, who seemed to take the poor attendance with a light heart.
To be honest with you straight from the start here, the intimacy and the light mood of the band worked well together to create the best Evergrey concert performance I’ve taken part in. The smallness of the stage hindered the band from moving about too much, but they did what they could with what they had, and that was enough.
Especially frontman and only original member Tom Englund seemed much more on top than I remember seeing him before, and was frequently joking directly with the audience, as for instance the exchanged words with the girl who tried to join a cheer with her soda, since she was driving and had work early next morning, and Englund replied that he was at work right now, and that wasn’t stopping him from having beer! All said with a smile of course, no hard feelings here.

“Don’t think that just because you are a small place that we will play a shorter set, we are going to play all nine albums! In two days’ time we’ll be done, and go home to Sweden.”
- Englund (vocals/guitar)

Technically, KB18 couldn’t quite deliver the quality sound that a progressive band such as Evergrey really need to get every little detail across, and just as with Lesoir before them, Evergrey came off a bit heavier than usual, but I honestly found this becoming. It wasn’t that the sound was terrible or anything, just a bit cramped.
Those people who had laid their path past KB18, Danes and Swedes alike from what I noticed, also enjoyed the gig as much as the band seemed to. It wasn’t a wild audience at any point, but appreciative for what it was, and were glad enough to give a cheer and a shout when the music stopped between songs. We even got something to laugh a little about, in the repeated times Englund mistakenly announced the next song as Solitude Within – apparently, a whole tour isn’t enough to remember the order of your own songs.

So, was the evening a complete misfire?
Well, we did miss out on our favourite band of the trio, and that wasn’t very fun. On the other hand though, both Lesoir, and not in the least Evergrey, both delivered far above expected, so no, the evening and the concert turned out better than I had anticipated.


The Awakening
King Of Errors
Leave It Behind Us
The Fire
Monday Morning Apocalypse
Black Undertow
The Masterplan
Mark Of The Triangle
Solitude Within
Wake A Change
A New Dawn
I’m Sorry (Dilba cover)
Missing You
When The Walls Go Down
Recreation Day
Broken Wings
A Touch Of Blessing
The Grand Collapse


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