Metaldays - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The Slovenian band Eruption opened our final day of music at Metaldays 2015. We didn’t know the band at the time, but had been made aware that Ivan ‘Tegla’ Cepanec of Dickless Tracy was also behind the drums in this outfit, and therefor decided to give them a go.

“For those who didn’t know us, we are Eruption! We play thrash metal, obviously.”
- Klemen ‘Buco’ Kalin (vocals)

Sadly, for fans and band alike, Eruption began playing before they were set to begin according to the program, thus not only making us come a bit late to the show, but also leaving them with a pretty empty ground in front of the 2nd stage. The emptiness could also be a result of them playing the same time as Dr. Living Dead played the main stage, who knows?
Even so, the low attendance number didn’t damage the band’s will to fight. Eruption was from the very beginning (at least from where we arrived) dishing out some classical, solid thrash metal. There was nothing new to the formula, but they made it more interesting than the generic two-riffs-per-song band, and Cepanec impressed by having a fittingly different way of playing here than he has in the more extreme Dickless Tracy. Not that the other guys lacked in skill either, but they were all new to me, so there was an inherent lack of comparison there.
The performance wasn’t the wildest I’ve ever seen, but there was enough headbanging and posing to keep things interesting. Kalin spoke well between songs, the musicians were present in what they were doing and even Cepanec had enough excess of energy to keep an eye contact with the crowd at times. What impressed me the most was the time a bottle was thrown to the stage from the crowd though, and bassist Andrej Sͮkof coolly grabbed it out of the air and took a sip, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

“Are you tired? You look fucking tired! I wanna see you move!”
- Kalin (vocals)

A combination of a relatively early play-time, on the last day of the festival to boot, the same extreme heat that had lasted for nearly the entire festival, and the small number of metalheads present, of course added up to an audience that mostly took things in relatively easy-going.
During the show however, people kept pouring in, and even though we didn’t reach a massive attendance at any point, Eruption had a fair bit of people listening and watching towards the end. More important than that though, was the fact that the strength in numbers quote showed true here – the more the audience grew, the wilder it got. A lot of headbanging ensued, and sweat was now pouring as much off of the crowd as it was the band.

Eruption didn’t, as mentioned above, bring much news to the table, but what they brought of throwback ‘Eighties thrash, they had pretty damn well down.
To summarize then, this was a positive experience delivered by a good band.


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