Metalfest - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Moving back to the obviously popular pagan genre, Metalfest had the German orchestra known as Equilibrium up next on the program.
Also, German bands in general had proved extremely popular here on native ground, so it didn’t come as much of a surprise as people were clapping loudly already during the intro music, and loud shouts accompanied the band as they walked on to the stage.
In fact, Equilibrium had pulled a really big crowd up to the main stage where they were playing, and all were prepared to show their love and affection of the band.

”Wollt ihr einem krieg?!”
- Robert ’Robse’ Dahn (vocals)

And why wouldn’t they?
Equilibrium proved to have a very good grasp of what makes a performance work, and played their cards really well; they were a lively bunch to look at (funny how they, especially bassist Sandra Völkl and her brother guitarist Andreas Völkl, were running instead of walking every time they were changing sides of the stage), they have some wild and catchy tunes, and Dahn was playing the good frontman with often funny or engaging chatting with the audience. Ok, so all of this chatting was in German, which I know very little of, but I did understand when he asked if we were drinking beer; ”Trinken sie bier?”, which of course was followed by a loud agreement from the crowd. He then moved on to elaborate on the point, firstly asking about beer, which got a loud response, then moving on to ask about mead, which doubled the response at the very least, and lastly asking about something of which I didn’t catch the name, but noticed how people only laughed at this (water perhaps?).
You can understand it was not hard to get caught up in the atmosphere, and soon we were all singing along to the Viking themed lyrics of Equilibrium’s back-catalogue. Some in better German than others…

Of course, it wouldn’t do without a little activity on the audiences side as well, and looking beyond the normal moshing and headbanging, I was impressed to see the largest wall of death of the entire festival (as far as I had seen) performed at the request of the band. No one should leave this battlefield clean and unscathed…
Sadly, I cannot divulge much of the setlist as I couldn’t understand much of what was being said, and I haven’t spent all that much time on getting to know the band intimately yet, but I can tell you that Blut Im Auge was played, as well as Der Ewige Sieg, the first song off of their Rekreatur album to receive a music video.
All in all, this was a highly enjoyable show, and one of the most gripping Equilibrium concerts I have seen as of yet. I’ll look forward to seeing them again in the future.

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