Entombed A.D.

Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2016

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Due to an injured writer (that would be me), and a dysfunctional transportation system, we sadly missed out completely on the two first support bands of the night, Morbid Evils and Lord Dying, and only made it in about halfway through Voivod’s concert. By the sound of it, the music didn’t really catch my interest, but they put on a damn fun show, and were extremely playful and entertaining to watch.
Even so, there was one band left on the roster, and they were the very reason we even came out this night – Entombed A.D.!

“SKOOOOOAAAAAAAOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!!! (loud cheer) Oh, thank you!”
- L-G Petrov (vocals, and surprised by the audience)

In the darkness between bands, music came out of the speakers, music made by John Carpenter. If I’m not mistaken, it was Abyss. What a way to begin – letting the sound of a true horror icon open the floor for true death metal icons. Can’t find something more fitting than that, really.
Soon enough, the band members took the stage, to a good cheer from the crowd. Olle Dahlstedt on drums, Victor Brandt on bass, and Nicolas ‘Nico’ Elgstrand as well as Guilherme Miranda (Krow) on guitars. Yes, the band had picked up a new guitarist, for live purposes at least, and he fit the outfit well, delivering both a good performance, and enriching the sound, making the already heavy music even thicker!
Last, but certainly not least, Lars-Göran ‘L-G’ Petrov came waltzing on, beer-can in hand, and a huge smile on his lips. This would, in more ways than we knew at the time, colour the exploits of the evening. Drinking, you see, was definitely a big part of it, and although Petrov at times slurred so bad, it was impossible to understand what he was saying, no one missed the meaning of his many cheers.
The smile, on the other hand, indicated a band in a perfect mood, and an intention to make this evening as entertaining as possible. Just because we’re dealing with death metal, no one should say we can’t have fun at the same time, right?

Entombed A.D. delivered a set well varied between their own, new material, which can be located on Back To The Front (2014) and the new Dead Dawn (2016), and time-tested Entombed classics from various parts of their career under that moniker.
Midas In Return, the opening track of Dead Dawn, also opened the set tonight, and it pretty much set the musical tone, just as Petrov had set the atmosphere earlier – this was hard, fast, and headbanger friendly music. Good old death metal, in other words.
The Entombed cuts were indeed time-tested, and although they were all delightful in their own way, they weren’t exactly what you would call surprising. Still, a few favourites are always nice to hear, and the inclusion of the Roky Erickson cover Night Of The Vampire was a very welcome sight/sound. And then there was the place in what passed for an encore, where Entombed A.D. actually caught us completely unaware. From my position in the crowd, I could see the setlist paper on stage, and following along, I saw that it was time for Supposed To Rot, but Petrov announced that they’d decided to play Damn Deal Done instead. Broken ankle be damned, I headed straight for the middle of the frontline, and began headbanging wildly! Suddenly, one guy grabbed me by the waist, and held me up in the air, impressing in itself, and highly entertaining.

“Show me your tits! Thank you, I’ll dream about this!”
- Petrov (vocals)

Entombed A.D. had a good grasp on its audience, as seen in the above comment, where a very pale and squishy man followed the frontman’s example, and pulled his shirt above his face, for the delight of all who didn’t have time to avert their gaze.
Petrov also did a photobomb, as a girl standing with her back to the stage tried a classic duckface selfie. In snuck Petrov, and threw a couple of well-placed devil horns!
The same man, who would later lift me, picked up a girl at one point. Placing her on his shoulder, he then proceeded to carry her around the hall, creating a quite interesting take on a crowdsurf.
And then there was of course the girl who had managed to drink just a lot too much, and scaled the security fence, only to stand and praise Elgstrand. Or pray to him, or whatever the meaning was. This particular one was rewarded with an escorted walk outside – even though the guards were cool enough to let people have their fun, there were things they of course couldn’t stand idly by without intervening.

If anything of regret should be brought to mention, it would be the low attendance at the concert. Honestly, at its peak, Amager Bio was no more than half filled, at the most! For Voivod, I estimated about a quarter full, and the peak was at the beginning of Entombed A.D.’s show, after some time, people were walking out again.
It baffles me that this happened. Fair enough, Entombed A.D., or Entombed for that matter, have never managed to pull large crowds around this place, but that the people who had come, left such a stellar show again, is completely incomprehensible! I mean, it was such a good show, that even the band’s roadie could be seen ripping up a mean air guitar throughout the entire concert!

I for my part, had a splendid time. With all the trouble it had been getting here, Entombed A.D. rewarded me tenfold and more back – this may possibly have been the most entertaining Entombed (either side of the split) gig I have ever been to! Metalmoments is not in the habit of giving concerts ratings, but if we did, I wouldn’t hesitate to give this a solid five out of five!


Abyss (John Carpenter song)
Midas In Reverse
Stranger Aeons (Entombed cover)
Second To None
Eyemaster (Entombed cover)
Dead Dawn
Living Dead (Entombed cover)
Out Of Hand (Entombed cover)
Waiting For Death
The Winner Has Lost
Revel In Flesh (Entombed cover)
Wolverine Blues (Entombed cover)
Left Hand Path (Entombed cover)
Chief Rebel Angel (Entombed cover)
Night Of The Vampire (Roky Erickson cover)
Damn Deal Done (Entombed cover)
Serpent Speech (Entombed cover)

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