Wacken - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The rain had almost stopped in time for our first band of the day, Finnish folk / viking metal band Ensiferum.
A lot of people had gathered in front of the Black Stage to see them, and they themselves had met up in their usual war-paint and new matching Finland flag lookalike kilts, which fit their style well in my opinion.
The band seemed to be as lively as they usually are at shows like this, but sadly the whole thing was tainted by an unbearably bad sound quality which really worked against them.

Nevertheless, people seemed to enjoy themselves, and that's the most important isn't it? One song that was very much appreciated was Token Of Time from their self-titled debut album from 2001. However, this concert didn't really make me feel neither better nor worse about Ensiferum though, I actually felt a bit indifferent about the whole thing, so I wasn't that bothered by the fact that we had to leave early to make it over to Headhunter which was playing practically at the same time over at the Party Stage.

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