Vega, Copenhagen - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As we involuntarily missed the first band of the night, Black Spiders, Enforcer was left as the first and only support act for Airbourne this evening.

“Are you ready to get crazy with Enforcer tonight?!”
- Olof Wikstrand (vocals)

I believe a short introduction is in order, and will for that reason tell you that Enforcer is a bunch of young Swedes who have sworn their fidelity to the classic genre speed metal.
The skin-tight spandex and jeans were there, as well as the leather jacket with the metal studs, and in the absence of a real backdrop, the band had brought two large pieces of cloth which hung on either side of the drumkit, showing a young damsel in distress and the words heavy metal.

Well, so much for the visuals, they were definitely pulling that part off, but what about the performance?
Honestly, I must say that these guys form one lively bunch of metalheads on stage! Even though the concert had been moved from the main hall to the small one in Vega, giving the guys of Enforcer a much smaller stage to be on, they were still constantly climbing speakers, running around and throwing themselves on the floor, each man trying to outdo the others in who had the greatest poses to pull off. It was a circus, and in a good way! Actually, at several times I felt I didn’t know who to watch, as they were all acting up in one way or another…
The crowd was a bit of a different story though; even though the concert was sold out, and even though most, or all, had shown up already, there wasn’t much action going on around the room. There were a handful of faithful headbangers in the front, and when asked by frontman Olof ‘Enforcer’ Wikstrand a few more raised their fists in the air, but other than that people were mostly standing still, gently nodding their heads once in a while. I must admit, I was one of them; even though Enforcer seemed to do everything right in accordance to the unwritten rules of a live-performance, it still wasn’t getting under my skin in the start…

Well, so much for that, but what about the actual music?
I’m sad to say, that in my mind the music was the weakest link in the Enforcer chain. It didn’t help that the sound wasn’t adjusted properly in the beginning of the show, so that the vocals were near impossible to hear, but honestly, I didn’t think it helped much on the situation even after this glitch had been fixed.
The lightning fast riffing simply wasn’t sticking, and I believe this to be the mayor problem of the show for me.
Other than that, I did enjoy watching the band, as I said, they are a force to be reckoned with in their performance, and the positive energy which was simply pumping out of the band-members eventually did its job and rubbed off on me, making me warm more and more up to the band as they went along.
And all of a sudden they were gone! 30 measly minutes was all that they got, and judging from the lack of activity on stage between them and Airbourne, there was no apparent reason why they couldn’t have had at least 15 minutes more to play around with.

Setlist (incomplete):

Midnight Vice
Mistress From Hell
On The Loose
Take Me To Hell


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