Eagles Of Death Metal

Copenhell - 2019

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Eagles Of Death Metal was one of the big names of Copenhell 2019, and what could most easily be seen as the headliner of the warm-up Wednesday. My last real encounter with their music was back in 1998 with The Desert Sessions, so I figured a lot had probably happened since then. But what, exactly?

“Is anybody here having a good time? You must excuse me, I ain't never seen so many beautiful redheads in one place before. It feels like I've gone to heaven.”
- Jesse Hughes (vocals/guitar)

At the start of the show, frontman Jesse Hughes came dancing in, wearing a short Dracula cape over his shoulders. Bassist Jessie Vee wore a baby blue popcorn cowgirl outfit, while Hughes son (Micah I suppose, I'm not too familiar with the family relations here) played the guitar while putting his best rockabilly look on. Drummer Jorma Vik just looked happy in his sunglasses and Hawaii shirt. A mixed impression, to be sure, and also one that promised a bit of humour from the coming concert.
And performancewise, EoDM delivered. Now, musically, they weren't really my cup of tea back in -98, I was more into Kyuss and Slo Burn when it came to that particular direction, and that apparently hasn’t changed all that much in some 20 odd years time. Fair enough, let’s leave that part to the fans, I don’t mind.

What was commendable, was that the band, and Hughes in particular, seemed present and like he was enjoying himself. He kept his playful nature up throughout the show, refrained from polarizing comments (of which he is known to make from time to time), and had a good handle on the audience. He even picked up on some guy fondling his own nipples, and seemed very exalted by this act of… Uhmmm… Well, whatever it was for.
Next after Hughes, Vee was the main draw point of the band. She also kept active throughout, rockin’ out in the best of ways, and even got her own little time to shine towards the end of the show, as she got to play and sing a snippet of Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades, backed by Jorma, while the Hughes’ took a short break. A bit weird, I don’t mind admitting, but fun nonetheless.

“After we’re done, I’m gonna give each of you a hug and a kiss!”
- Hughes (vocals/guitar)

Hughes almost made true on his words, as he in one of the last songs walked out into the audience, and finished the song from ground level, as it were.
For the grand finalé, huge inflatable men decorated the stage, just to put the dot above the i in this already fun looking performance.
Yeah, EoDM was a good enough way to truly open the festival for us. I had a good time, and that’s all I came for.

Setlist (incomplete):

Born On The Bayou (Creedence Clearwater Revival song)
I Only Want You
Anything ‘Cept The Truth
Whorehoppin’ (Shit, Goddamn)
Ace Of Spades (Motörhead cover, snippet)

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