Aalborg Metal Festival, Denmark - 2016

Text: Lunah Lauridsen Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Dynazty hit Aalborg Metal Festival with its first dose of power metal of the year, and I think we can safely say the festival didn’t know what hit it.

“We want you guys to scream with us!”
- Nils Molin (vocals)

Dynazty brought a lot of energy to the stage, and the band members were lively and moving about much of the time. They too, just like Billion Dollar Babies before them, seemed to enjoy the larger stage, now that Pain didn’t clutter it all up with their equipment. If that wasn’t enough, frontman Nils Molin was good at communicating with the crowd throughout, even though the band didn’t exactly have all the time in the world for playing.
If anything negative should be brought up, it would be that the show seemed a bit rushed in its delivery. This was probably because of the aforementioned time issue, but even so, it didn’t do the show any good.

The festival crowd had managed to grow a bit by this time, and now filled most of the room. And people seemed enthusiastic and happy enough, although I have a sneaking suspicion it wasn’t necessarily because of the band. You see, even with all of Molin’s efforts, Dynazty didn’t garner much in the way of response from the audience. They were just happy to be there, but on the other hand, for a practically unknown band (around these parts anyway), that’s not so bad, is it?
Maybe next time, the band has had time to grow in peoples’ minds, but for now, it was only something to drink to, while waiting for the headliner.
And I will say this for Dynazty – even though I wasn’t all that impressed with them during the shows, I still find myself going back to their music now that I’ve come back home. Mission accomplished, I’d say.

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