Dolly Daggers

KB, Malmö - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

A Hendrix throwback with the name, or possibly other historic references..?

Well, musically and in appearance I would put the Swedish band Dolly Daggers much more in the same folder as an artist as David Bowie. Not that I’m a big connoisseur of Bowie in any way, but in my head this is how I would imagine him sounding and looking…
And looks seemed to be an important part of Dolly Daggers’ persona. Why else would their bassist Mattias Welin show up in a much too small girly top stating he was a ‘sex bomb’, keyboardist Jonatan Sersam wear a Hawaiian shirt which put me in mind of Alestorm’s vocalist and likewise keyboardist Christopher Bowes (the hair didn’t help either), and the guy sticking the most out style-wise; guitarist Michael Fridh who looked like he had just been pulled from the American Idol show with his shaved head and sunglasses, and slightly more well-built body contrasting the otherwise anorectic look of the band…
Vocalist Ludvig Sersam commented his own style thus; ”I’m dressed in black not because I like Batman, but because Dolly Daggers isn’t all about sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, which there is a lot of, but also feelings…”
Confused? Not surprisingly, as it also felt as though he was reaching for a point, but got lost on the way and trailed off, only to save it by quickly announcing the next song instead.

There weren’t a whole lot of people at KB at the start of Dolly Daggers’ show, but this has been a growing trend now for some time I’ve noticed, not bothering with the support band. On the other hand, I noticed that there were a few people out there who, at least by the looks of it, had shown up mainly for Dolly Daggers, and it must have warmed the band a bit that they had the support of their hometown crowd.
Still, there was quite a gap between band and fan, even though there was security fence up this day, and people were mostly calmly nodding along to the tunes, and giving up a cheer or two between them.
This did not disencourage the band from doing their thing however, and their thing was obviously to have a party up on the stage. Fridh was calmly grooving, again making him a sort of counter-weight to the rest of the band, especially so Ludvig Sersam who was swinging his mic and mannequin-head on a stick around and often trying hard to get the perfect ‘suffering artist’ look. And let’s not forget Duracell bunny competitor Jonatan Sersam, who had so many mysterious moves going on that only a book, but whole volumes could be written about them. There won’t though, but it was an entertaining thought none the less.
Jonatan Sersam also ventured further than ‘merely’ dancing behind his keyboards; at one point he took the front of the stage for some heavy harmonica action, while his brother was busy spraying everyone (himself very much included) with a can of sparkly gold-dust.
On the point of moving from ones place, my mind now goes to spandex-clad drummer-girl Maja Ljungberg, who for some unknown reason suddenly left her instrument behind, causing a stop to the music to which Ludvig commented; ”Well, I suppose we can continue when we have a drummer again…” For whatever reason, she was soon back behind the skins again, hammering away like nobody’s business.

I won’t lie, Dolly Daggers with their indie pop rock style was absolutely nothing at all for me musically, but I must also confess that they were quite the entertainers up there on the stage, and I did enjoy my wait for Bullet, who was headlining the show.

Dolly Daggers

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