Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

Søndermarken, Copenhagen - 2018

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

At last, the main event of the minifestival had arrived, and also our main reason for wanting to go.
C.V. Jørgensen had greeted us in a spectacularly down-to-earth way, and Sort Sol had come on and done their thing. Now, it was time for Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. Denmark’s, possibly, most popular rock band at the moment. The stage was set, the gear was in place, the intro was pumping out with a pulsing bass line.

“Good evening, here in the yard.”
- Tim Christensen (vocals/guitar)

And out came the band, continuing on the intro with their instrumental track, Mindgasm. After this warm-up, they dived directly into the combo of Waterline Intro and Waterline. Every band so far had opened with a song that directly set up the mood for the rest of the show, and Dizzy Mizz Lizzy was no different. This timeless classic showed us just where the band was going, and why they were chosen above the rest to headline the Sommertid I Søndermarken event. It also made perfectly clear which band most of the crowd was rooting for - the amount of people had grown a lot up at the front, and already here in the first song, the audience took over the chorus completely.
The band members were lapping this energy up, and used it in the best of ways - all three were on fire! I’m usually pretty impressed with what they deliver, but this time they all stepped up their game - they were more integrated with each other, they were all lively, and all were present and focused on the crowd in front of them. This is how it’s done.

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy delivered a 14 songs long setlist of pure hit material. Well, there was this one song that hasn’t become a hit yet, for the very understandable reason that it hasn’t been released yet - yup, there was a presentation of a song from the band’s upcoming fourth album. For some odd reason they didn’t introduce it by name here, but from internet lurking, I’ve found that it might just be called In The Blood - we’ll see when the album hits the streets. Either way, it had a pretty classic Dizzy Mizz Lizzy sound, and should fall into liking with anyone familiar with and liking what the band has done so far.
Love Is A Losers Game on the other hand, was slightly reimagined from the version we know and love - don’t worry, they hadn’t done anything out of bounds with it. It was just that Tim Christensen performed it solo, only him and his guitar, and the rest of the band could take a short breather. It was bare, stripped down, and absolutely as big a hit as it is in its original shape - instantly lighters and cellphone cameras filled the air!

All through the show, the crowd was as on point as the band was. From the sing along at the beginning of the show, to the rhythmic applause going side by side with Barbedwired Baby’s Dream, to the external lightshow for Love Is A Losers game, and finally coming back around to a loud sing along in Silverflame, and of course all the little things going on between the moments mentioned here, the audience and the band was building each other up in a spectacular way. The energy was flowing, and the air was thick with a special atmosphere. Summer, music, joy - it all came together in a perfect blend.
The only time the band misstepped in a slight way, and it was so slight I don’t even imagine most people noticed it, was when Christensen mentioned their last time playing an open air show here in Copenhagen, three years ago at Østerbro Stadion (review at this site). For sure, it was a good show, but apparently the frontman forgot that the band played the illustrious Tivoli stage only two years ago (also reviewed at this site).

“It’s been an exquisite pleasure playing here on our home turf.”
- Christensen (vocals/guitar)

There’s hardly anything more to say about this, than has already been said. A shout out to the festival management for solving last year’s bar problem - it flowed perfectly this year (now to fix the food lines in the same way for next year perhaps?). A shout out to C.V. Jørgensen and Sort Sol for bringing their personal touches to the evening, and to Carl Emil Petersen, whom we were too late to catch. And a huge shout out to Dizzy Mizz Lizzy for setting the standard that all Danish rock music should aspire to rise to.


Waterline Intro / Waterline
Barbedwired Baby’s Dream
Forward In Reverse
67 Seas In Your Eyes
Love Is A Losers Game
In The Blood
Made To Believe
Thorn In My Pride
I Would If I Could But I Can’t

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