Metaltown - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Disturbed came out onto the Red Stage one by one; first drummer Mike Wengren followed by bassist John Moyer and then guitarist Dan Donegan. Last of the group was of course vocalist David Draiman, who was carried onto the stage, strapped to a stretcher and wearing a straitjacket and muzzle which made him look just like Dr. Hannibal Lecter from the Silence Of The Lambs film. I’ve heard this is a stunt he has also done in the past, but it was still fun to see for myself; it gave a good effect.

As it had been for more or less the entire festival, there was a huge crowd up to watch the American hard rock / metal band, and they were in for a treat. The band was really firing up for all the cannons; especially Donegan appeared incredibly lively on the stage.
As I had been on my feet since early morning, I was getting a bit worn by now however, and opted for a more relaxed position in the back to watch the concert.
This place wasn’t to be left relaxed for long however, as Draiman commented about there always being some diehard fans in the front of the crowd at concerts, and then there were those who would just hang around in the back and look uninterested. After this he demanded that all of us in the back should take a more active role; if nothing else then at least we should raise our devil horns high in the air. This was quickly done, and afterwards we got a short thanks from the man.
Another crowd-participation was shown in the loud sing-along by everyone as Disturbed played their Genesis cover song Land Of Confusion.

Preparing for this festival marked the first time hearing Disturbed for me, so as I didn’t really know that many songs things sort of melded together as one for me. Then again, what does it matter as long as that one is a good one?
What did stick out for me though, as I remembered them from their MySpace profile, were the two brilliant songs The Night and Inside The Fire from their latest album Indestructible.
I would love seeing Disturbed again after getting better acquainted with their music, as I believe this would lift the show to unknown heights.

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